Church Planting in Thailand

There is a region in Thailand that despite a long history of sacrificial Christian mission by dedicated Christian workers, the Christian population remains under 0.1 percent of the total. Yet the church is alive and has its place in the global church.

The region has thousands of migrant workers from unreached communities around the country as well as neighbouring countries. What if God were to transform this into a place of discipling and sending? 

Are you a church planter with a long-term perspective that is sensing God's call to Thailand? Check out this video to learn more:

Far: tale of a former Buddhist from SIM Stories on Vimeo.

Tee, like millions of traditionally Buddhist Thais, feels far from his religion. He wonders if there might be another way. Watch more of his story in this atmospheric new video from SIM Stories and SIM Thailand.



Please pray with us about SIM’s potential church planting ministry in this region of Thailand, and that He would send the right people at the right time.