20 years later, God finds Pradip in Nepal

By Jenny | Nepal in South Asia

When Pradip* was a young boy growing up in Eastern Nepal, he found a Hindi Bible. Even though it was not in his native language, he was able to read through the whole book and see the love of Jesus. Despite his desire to accept these teachings, he decided against becoming a Christian at that time, worried that he would anger his devoutly Hindu parents.

Twenty years have gone by, with its normal rhythms of life. Pradip has grown up, gotten married and now teaches English at a school here in Lamjung. His school coworkers work with a ministry run by a Christian international school in Kathmandu, which helps improve education in villages throughout Nepal. Every few months, they send out teacher trainers to various schools to raise the standard of education. Over time Pradip noticed that one of the teacher trainers, Laura*, often wore her organization's t-shirt that features a cross on its sleeve.

Interest piqued, Pradip worked up the courage to ask her if she is a Christian. When she said yes, he asked her to tell him about "Jesus of Jerusalem." Even though it has been 20 years since he opened a Bible, he still has an unexplainable desire to know more about Jesus. After a series of conversations with Laura and her Nepali colleagues, Pradip realizes God has continued to move in his heart throughout his life, despite his Hindu background. With this renewed interest and knowledge, Pradip recently decided to follow Jesus at last.

Laura is our friend, and she introduced Pradip to us shortly before he accepted Christ. As we live in the same village, Pradip asked me to read through the Bible with him to learn more about our faith. Pradip's story reminds me of what Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 3:5-9, as faith in Jesus is a seed that only God Himself grows. But as co-workers with God, we all play a part in planting, watering and fertilizing.

Thank you for helping us do our part in Pradip's journey of faith.

How fitting to celebrate Pradip's new life in Christ just in time for Easter! May you also celebrate God's continuing work in your lives as you celebrate His Resurrection.

*Names changed to protect privacy 

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