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John & Crystal Washburn
Serving in Peru
From: United States of America

Who we are:

John grew up in Colorado with his four brothers on a hog farm where he developed a love for medicine. One summer during college at Colorado State University, he went to Peru and volunteered his time working as a translator for a medical team. During one of his trips into a remote mountain village, a man came in pushing his elderly mother in a wheelbarrow. Unable to walk, he had trekked the dangerous roads to bring her for treatment. They were able to give her some IV fluids, but since there was no hospital, they were only of limited assistance. This was one of many people that God used to help spur John to return and provide better, more consistent healthcare. John continued on to medical school at Ross University School of Medicine where he graduated with high honors. He recently finished residency at Cox Family Medicine Residency in Springfield, Missouri.

Crystal spent many years of her life in Colorado as well and went on to college at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs where she graduated with a double major in Chemistry and Biology. She decided to go to Serbia for a summer project with Cru where she met John. She and John got married in 2008, and shortly afterwards moved to Springfield. Now Crystal is a full time mom and enjoys doing photography on the side. John and Crystal have been blessed with three children, Caleb (3 years), Hannah (15 months) and Hudson who was born July 3rd, 2013 in Arequipa, Peru.

What we do:

John and Crystal will be working in Curahuasi, Peru at Hospital Diospi Suyana. The hospital is set up to take excellent care of the poor, but is in great need of doctors and John will be helping to meet this need. Crystal will primarily be taking care of their children and will be available to fill needs that arise.

They arrived in Peru at the end of April, 2013 and are currently in language school learning Spanish in Arequipa, Peru. They hope to be working at Hospital Diospi Suyana by the beginning of 2014 once their Spanish has improved.

Involved with:

Medical and Health Ministry



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