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Gregory Kreimeyer
Serving in Ecuador
From: United States of America

Who I am:

It's amazing how God can bring things together for His purpose. My journey began in 2005 when I started searching for a mission; actually the Holy Spirit led me to missions and Christ simultaneously. Then in 2007 during my interview with SIM, I received salvation at the age of 46! What a gift! A year later I was serving in Uruguay, and now God is calling me to serve long term among the men of Loja Province, Ecuador.

My service in Uruguay was spent helping in the construction of the new conference center at the SIM retreat center in Montevideo. In Uruguay I used my gifts and 12-years experience as a civil engineer to help in construction and other repairs of the property. What I came to realize during my year in Uruguay was that I felt drawn to helping people with their spiritual walk with the Lord rather than the engineering. I discovered that serving people's spiritual needs became more important to me than my work as an engineer.

During that time in Uruguay I became aware that God needed to work through me with His agenda, not me working for Him with my agneda. I just wanted to be a humble servant of Christ, to stop and listen, to love and to serve those who are searching. In waiting on Him, I became aware of His plans for me and of His love and compassion for the lost. His plans involved evangelism and discipleship and I'm looking forward to expressing, and living in, the freedom of God's grace and sharing this gift with the men of Loja Province.

What I do:

A high priority will be evangelism and discipling the men of Loja Province since there are essentially no male believers. There is also a great need for local men to see good expamples of Christian husbands and fathers, godly men, and an example of purity in singleness. Other responsibilities would include mentoring, small group Bible study leadership, and Bible teaching. Probably the most important is developing relationships. Being with these men on a regualr basis to earn their trust, friendship, and when God has prepared their hearts, to let them know Who He is and that He is the One they are secretly seeking.

So why am I going? So that the men of Loja Province may hear the Word of God (Rom. 10:17) and through faith in Christ Jesus receive salvation (Eph. 2:8). With your prayers and financial support, and by me going to Loja, the Lord will work through us in expanding His Church. Join me in glorifying God by proclaiming the gospel to the men of Loja Province. I'm excited to begin the journey and to experience what faith in Jesus Christ can accomplish. Thanks!

Involved with:

Evangelism/Church Growth



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