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Karen Keegan
Serving in United States of America
From: United States of America

Who I am:

I am an SIM Adult Missionary Kid who grew up in Nigeria. I have a passion for reconnecting AMKs and helping them through the process of reconciliation and healing. As editor of Simroots, I have been able to maintain contact with over 2000 of our AMKs and their caregivers. In 2002,my ministry partner, AMK Minna Kayser, and I established M&K Ministry.

I live in Tennessee with my husband Scott. We have 3 grown girls and two grand-babies.

What I do:

M & K Ministry's primary focus is ministry to hurting Adult Missionary Kids (AMKs). AMKs have unique issues dealing with their boarding school experiences, life in a sub-culture of overseas missions, high mobility with its repeated cycles of grief and loss, exposure to the occult, and reentry challenges when they return to their passport country. Added to that mix are occasional abuse issues.

The Vision of the Ministry:

Restoration to a right relationship with God, including redemption for the unsaved.
Recovery from emotional wounds and renewing the mind.
Reconciliation for broken relationships.
Regeneration for broken homes and impact on future generations.

Involved with:

International Schools and MK Education




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