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Galcom Red Radios for Radio Mosoj Chaski (91336)

Living in isolated villages high in the Andes Mountains, Quechua people rely on radio as an important means of communication. It is a companion that keeps them informed on current events in Bolivia and the rest of the world.

Watch "One Red Radio" and learn more about this ministry

Radio as a Spiritual Encourager

Quechua believers also rely on radio as an important source of spiritual encouragement. Where there are churches, most of them do not have a pastor. The care of the congregation falls to church elders, who often have had very little formal education. Bible teaching broadcast over the radio helps people to grow and mature.

Radio Mosoj Chaski ("the new messenger" in the Quechua language) has been broadcasting the message of Christ across Bolivia for nine years. With programming entirely in the Quechua language, the radio serves more than two million Quechua people in Bolivia.

In the countryside, the Quechua believers are often found listening to their red radios—portable, fixed-band Galcom Radios. Powered by a small solar panel, they broadcast the sounds of Radio Mosoj Chaski to eager listeners.

In partnership with Pioneers and New Tribes Mission, SIM is working to raise funds to purchase a large lot of the radios at a reduced cost. Then, they will be able to sell them to listeners an affordable price. When the radios have been sold, the money will be reinvested in more radios.

As the radios are distributed, even more Quechua Christians will be encouraged and strengthened in their faith.


  • For the ministry of Radio Mosoj Chaski to remain strong and focused on encouraging the Quechua church.
  • For Quechua Christians to grow in their faith and commitment to Christ.


You can partner with us to put a red radio into the hands of a Quechua Christian at a price that they can afford. $10 USD will purchase one radio. Give online now



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