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Creative Access

Church Planters among Minority People Groups
English or Chinese Teaching in Christian Schools--Tentmaking Opportunity
Agriculturalist for Community Development 1-2 years
Architect Building Designer for Hospital 1-2 years
Assistant to the Director of "Sanctity of Life" Ministry Under 1 year
Biomedical Engineer Technician for Hospital
Business Person and Relationship Builder amongst an Unreached People Group Priority
China Internships--Practical Ministry and Culture Experience Under 1 year
Church Leadership Development and Missions Training
Computer Support and Capacity Building Under 1 year
Computer Training
Conversational English Teacher
Engineer, Maintenance Manager for Hospital
English Club 1-2 years
English Lecturer in Christian College--Tentmaking Opportunity
English Teacher Priority
ESL Teacher
Evangelism and Discipleship Ministry
Field Leadership Support Person
Friendship Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Planting Among Unreached Animist Tribal People
Friendship Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Planting Among Unreached Minority People
Grassroots Bible Trainers Priority
Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant
Leadership Trainer Priority
Librarian to Train Others Under 1 year
Life Skills Coach or Counsellor for Student Community Center Priority
Marketing Manager of Small Business
Medical Professional and Relationship Builder
Medical Student Elective Under 1 year
Medical Work in Hospital among Minority People Groups
Mental Health Professionals to Equip Others Priority Under 1 year
Missional Business - Visual Arts Priority
MK Boarding School Teachers
Mobiliser and Coach for Church Planters among Minority People Groups
Nurse Priority
Nurse Clinical Tutor
Outreach through Business Priority
Owner/Manager of Small Business
PACE Teams Under 1 year
Pastoral Care Training and Counselling Priority
Physical Education Teacher Priority
Project Coordinator Priority
Public Health or Community Development Worker
School Principal Priority
Secondary Teacher for International Study Group 1-2 years
Seminary Teachers to Equip and Disciple Future Leaders
Sports and Outdoor Adventure Trainer for Student Community Center Priority
Sports Friends Coaches Trainer
Sports Friends Organizational Leader
Student Teacher Internship Under 1 year
Summer English Training Program Under 1 year
Summer Kids' Program Team Under 1 year
Teacher for Small Home School Co-Op 1-2 years
Teachers for Rural Christian School 1-2 years
Theological Education and Leadership Training
University Outreach Workers
University Student Discipler


Agricultural Trainer and Educator Priority
Bible School Teacher at Menongue Bible Institute
Bible Teacher, Leadership Trainer
Community Health Nurse
Doctor for the UIEA Health Clinic
ESL Teacher-- Menongue Bible Institute
ESLTeacher for Children and Adults
General Practitioner
Hospital Nurse
Intensive Care and/or ER Nurse 1-2 years
Lab Technician 1-2 years
Leadership Trainer
Literacy Teacher Trainer--Menongue Bible Institute
Medical Student Elective Under 1 year
Mission Internship Under 1 year
Nurse Midwife at Menongue and Rio da Huila
Nurse Practitioner at Rio da Huila Clinic
Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant 1-2 years
Pharmacist 1-2 years
Surgeon Priority
Surgeon at UIEA Health Clinics
Teacher for Christian International School Priority 1-2 years
Teacher for TEFL-ISTEL Seminary Priority
Urban Church Planting and Discipleship Teams Priority
Vocational Teacher for Tchincombe Agricultural Project


Urban Multi-Ethnic Faith Enabler


Adult Literacy Advisor
Business and Entrepreneurial Advisor
Business Entrepreneur
Business Manager--Basha Enterprises Ltd
Cafe/Restaurant Researcher Under 1 year
Children's Ministry Outreach Under 1 year
Computer Trainer
Computer/Internet Guru(s) Under 1 year
Consultant Engineers
Cultural Anthropologist Under 1 year
Development Project Advisor
Dialogue Language Progam Instructor
Dialogue Language Program Regional Coordinator
Grace International School Principal and Teachers Needed 1-2 years
Home School Helper Under 1 year
Internship Under 1 year
IT Specialist
PACE Team Under 1 year
Project Leader
Salam Training Center Technical Advisor
Short-Term Medical Teams Under 1 year
Social Worker/Counselor
Spoken English Teacher
Trade Language Instructor - English
Trade Language Instructor - Korean
University Ministry Vision-Caster Under 1 year
University Student
Youth Ministry Vision-Caster Under 1 year
Youth Sports Outreach Under 1 year


Agriculturalist at a Bible School
Area Treasurer Priority Under 1 year
Associate Nurses Under 1 year
Associates and Teams Coordinator
Central Sterile Supply Nurse or Technician Priority
Children's Ministries Within Local Churches Priority
Children's Ministry Development Facilitator Priority
Church Planting Priority
Day Care Business to Assist Pastors' Wives
ESL Teacher
Girls' Training Centre at Nikki
Guest House Coordinator
Hospital Physician -- 1 LT, 3 STA- URGENT Priority
Laboratory Technician and Assistant 1-2 years
Maintenance and Technical Assistant Under 1 year
Maintenance Supervisor
Member Care--Counselor or Chaplain for Missionary and Beninese Hospital Staff 1-2 years
Nurse for Emergency Service at Bembéréké Hospital Priority
Nurse Midwife or Midwife for Bembéréké Hospital 1-2 years
Personal Assistant to Director of Benin-Togo Priority 1-2 years
Personnel Coordinator Priority
Pharmacist Priority 1-2 years
Primary School Teacher
Projects Coordinator Priority
Radiographer Teacher 1-2 years
Recording Studio Supervisor
Short-Term Ministry Teams Under 1 year
SIM Benin-Togo Radio Coordinator
Staff Worker to be Seconded to GBU for Discipleship Priority 1-2 years
Student Hostel Staff--Youth Ministry
Student Ministry at Universities Priority 1-2 years
Surgeon 1-2 years
Teacher, Teacher's Aide, or Staff for a Girls' School Priority


Church Plant Team Member for Urban Shoe Shiners 1-2 years
Computer Teacher (Grades 1-6)
Discipleship Ministry to Women
Discipleship Training of Church Leaders Priority
Engineer or Plumber for Rural Community Water Development Ministry Priority
High School Art, Design, and Technology Teacher
High School English Teacher Priority
High School Physical Education Teacher Priority
High School Science Teachers
High School Social Studies Teacher Priority
Home School Teacher for Year 1 Student Priority Under 1 year
Mathematics Teachers Priority
Music Teacher (Grades K-12) Priority
Nurse for Rural Town and Peri-Urban Development Team
PACE Team Under 1 year
Primary Care Physican Peri-Urban and Rural Ministry Team
Seminary Professor Seminario Biblico
Seminary Professor Seminario Biblico del Altiplano
Seminary Professor Seminario Biblico Evangélico La Paz
Shorter-Term Exposure--Quechua Ministry Under 1 year
Teachers for Carachipampa Christian School
Work Teams for Camp Kewina Under 1 year


Administrative Volunteer Under 1 year
Aviation Mechanics
Botswana Linguistics Internship Under 1 year
Care Ministry Christian Counsellor--Trainer
Coordinator for Associate Volunteers Priority 1-2 years
Early Childhood Development Trainer Priority
Finance/Accounting Volunteer Under 1 year
Fundraising Manager
Housing and Logistics Supervisor Priority
ICT System Administration
Member Care Coordinator
Nursing Coach and Mentor
Public Relations Manager
Social Worker

Burkina Faso

Medical Doctors and Surgeons Priority
Adolescent Ministry Facilitator Priority 1-2 years
Children and Youth Ministry Workers Priority
Communications Support Person Priority 1-2 years
ESL Teacher Priority
Evangelism and Church Planting among the Tamajaq Priority
Evangelism/Church Planting among the Fulani Priority
Guest House Managers
IT Specialist for a Medical Records System Under 1 year
Literacy Worker
Medical Nurse Priority
Midwife Priority
Ministry to Street Girls
Missions Exposure Under 1 year
Physical Therapist Priority
Retreat Program for Missionary Kids Under 1 year
Teacher for Life Academy 1-2 years
Technical Internship Under 1 year
Translation Proofreader/Library Assistant Under 1 year
Treasurer (Permanent)
Urban Church Planting Priority
Web Developer Under 1 year
Youth Worker with Sports Emphasis

CĂ´te d'Ivoire

Personnel Coordinator for West Africa Office Priority


Church Imagineer for the Marginalized Priority
Children's Worker 1-2 years
Community Outreach--ESL Under 1 year
Intercultural Missionary
Translator, SIM Quebec Team Priority
Urban Associate 1-2 years
Urban Researcher


Administrative Assistant for ProVision 1-2 years
Church Development
Church Leadership Development Coordinator
Director of Study by Extension for All Nations (SEAN) TEE Ministry
Ministry to Children at Risk in Chile Under 1 year
TESOL Evangelistic Ministry
University Student Ministry
Upper Class Church Planter
World Missions Promoter


English Teachers
Language Students 1-2 years
Teachers for XIA
University Teachers


Bilingual Office Assistant Priority
Church Planter
Church Planting
Drama or Theatre Coach Priority
English Language Teachers (TESL) - Rural Priority
English Teacher Priority
English Teacher Under 1 year
English Teachers for World Impact Priority
Evangelism/TEE Discipleship
Junior High School Teacher (At Least One Year) 1-2 years
Junior/Senior High School Teacher
Men's Worker Priority
Personnel Coordinator Priority
Primary or Elementary Teacher (At Least One Year) Under 1 year
Rural Church Planters in Loja Province
Rural Youth Worker Priority


Instructor of Youth Ministry Priority 1-2 years
Agricultural Missions Assistant Under 1 year
Bible and Theology Teacher for Evangelical Theological College
Bible School English Teacher
Bingham Academy Guidance Counselor
Borana Veterinarian
Borana Youth Development Ministry
Builders Priority Under 1 year
Business Studies Teacher
Church Planter
Communication Intern for East Africa Office Under 1 year
Community Health-Clinic Nurse
Computer Teacher and Coordinator, Yabello Youth Center Priority
Computer Teacher/Coordinator, Mekelle Youth Center Priority
English Teacher and Coordinator, Yabello Youth Center Priority
English Teacher for Middle School and High School
ESL Instructor Priority
ESL Teacher/Coordinator, Mekelle Youth Center Priority
Facilities Manager 1-2 years
Geography Teacher Priority
Healthcare Coordinator Priority
History Teacher
HIV and AIDS Program Director and Counselor, Yabello Youth Center Priority
HQ Clinic Physician or Nurse Practitioner (Short-Term Cover) Priority
Instructor, St. Frumentius Seminary Under 1 year
IT Integration Specialist Priority
Learning Support Coordinator
Learning Support Teacher for Bingham Academy Priority
Mathematics Teacher Priority
Music Teacher
Music Teacher and Coordinator, Yabello Youth Center Priority
Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant Priority
NW Ethiopia Home Education Consultant (Tutor) Priority
Physical Education Teacher/Athletic Director
Primary School Project Manager Priority
Professor of Islamic Studies for EGST
Refugee Youth Worker
Science Teacher Priority
Secondary French Teacher
Sports Coordinator, Yabello Youth Center Priority
Teacher Librarian
TESOL (ESL) for Theological Education in Ethiopia Priority Under 1 year
Web Page Designer Under 1 year
Youth Center Staff, 2-3 Months, Mekelle Under 1 year
Youth Center Staff, 3-24 Months, Mekelle Under 1 year


Centre Manager and Team Leader Priority
Computer Programmer
Digital Publishing Secretary


Apprenticeship in Missions Under 1 year
Children's Camp Helpers Priority Under 1 year
Children's Worker Priority Under 1 year
Children's Worker Priority
Discipleship and Church Development--Sisaala Priority
Discipleship and Training of Women Priority
Health Educator--Northern Ghana Priority
Marriage and Family Ministry Priority
Outreach to the Sisaala Priority
Sports Friends Ministry Development Leader Priority
Youth Worker
Youth Worker Under 1 year


Business, Micro-Enterprise, and Vocational Skills Mentor
Community Development Coordinator
Evangelism, Discipleship and Leadership Development
Media Coordinator for Radio Studio
MK Elementary Teacher
Outreach and Discipleship of Young Adults and University Students
Outreach and Discipleship to Children
Outreach and Discipleship to Youth


Doctors--Various Specialties Priority
English as a Second Language Teacher
Urban School Teachers


Administrative Assistant, Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) Priority
Associate Program SIMPact Coordinator Priority
Cell Church Developer
Church Mobiliser Equipping for Ministering to Drug Abusers Priority
Ear Nose Throat Surgeon (Otolaryngologist) Priority
East Africa Service Center Director
Evangelist and Discipler to Asians Priority
Evangelist/Water & Sanitation Tentmaker
Neurosurgeon or Pediatric Neurosurgeon Priority
Ob/Gyn Doctor Priority 1-2 years
Orthopaedic Surgeon Priority
Paediatric Doctor (or Family Medicine Doctor) Priority 1-2 years
Pastoral Care Couple Priority
Pathologist Priority
Physical Therapy Educator
Rehabilitation Worker for Young Men Under 1 year
Rehabilitation, Peer Counselor for Young Women Under 1 year
Research and Training Coordinator Priority
Social and Education: Teaching Assistant Under 1 year
Social and Education: Women's Ministry Worker Under 1 year
Social and Education: Youth Worker Under 1 year
Social and Education: Primary School Support Under 1 year
Software Developer - Health Management Information Systems--Senior Programmer
Software Programmer--Open Source Hospital Information Management System
Trainer for Grant Writing Priority 1-2 years
Training of Pastors and Church Leaders
Videographer or Scriptwriter


Christian Radio Consultant Priority
Construction Manager Priority
Education Advisor for National Education
ELWA Services Advisor/Trainer
General Surgeon
IT Specialist Priority
Manya Literacy Coordinator Priority
Nurse, Anesthetist, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant
Primary Care Physician
Trinity Dental Clinic Volunteers Under 1 year


Associate Laboratory Technician 1-2 years
Bible School Internship Under 1 year
Bible School Teacher Priority
Children's Ministry Worker Under 1 year
Children's Outreach Ministy Team Under 1 year
Chinese Diaspora Outreach Ministry Priority
Church Growth and Leadership Development Priority
Church Planting Support Priority
Communications Internship Under 1 year
Construction, Carpentry, Maintenance Worker--Individual or Team Under 1 year
HIV/AIDS Ministry Exposure Under 1 year
HOPE for AIDS Ministry Team Under 1 year
Indian Diaspora Outreach Ministry Priority
Inpatient Ward Nurse
IT Specialist 1-2 years
Laboratory Technician
Local Church Ministry Internship Under 1 year
Medical Doctor at ABC Community Clinic
Member Care Coordinator
Mission Administrator
Pediatric Doctor
Pharmacist Priority
Physician Priority Under 1 year
Physician Priority
Pioneer Church Planting Priority
Research Nurse
Spiritual Life Conference Under 1 year
Sports Friends Coaches' Trainer Priority
Sports Friends Regional Ministry Development Leader Priority
Youth Ministry Outreach Team Under 1 year
Youth Ministry Worker Under 1 year


Children's and Teens' English Club for Evangelism Priority
Christian Education Programmes and Materials Priority
Church Leadership Mobilization and Training Priority
English Teachers, ESL and TEFL Priority
Evangelism and Church Planting in Mali
Evangelism, Discipleship, Church Planting, Literacy, and Rural Development Priority
Inner City Student Worker Evangelist Priority
Student Center and Café Manager and Team Members Priority


Business Management Specialist and Entrepreneur
Community, Relief, and Development Specialists
English Teachers
IT or Computer Specialist and Teacher
Medical Professionals
Primary and Secondary School Teachers
Sports Ministry
University Professors and Teachers


Bible Teacher-Evangelist Priority
Children's Evangelism and Discipleship Advocate Priority
Church Planter - Yao Priority
Church Planting in Mozambique Priority
Computer Skills Trainer
Discipler of Disciples
Evangelism of Unreached People Group Priority
Home Schooling Facilitator
Shorter-Term Missions Exposure 1-2 years
Teaching English Priority
Teaching English Is Evangelism
Youth Worker Priority


Children's Ministry Development Coordinator Priority
Children's Worker/Lecturer for Children's Work Priority
Community Relief Work Volunteer
Discipleship Training
English Teacher Grades 1-7 Priority Under 1 year
Lecturer for Biblical and Theological Study in Seminary
Math and ESL and Physical Education Volunteer Teacher
Mission Teacher
Primary School Support Priority Under 1 year
Primary School Teacher 1-2 years
Teacher in Grootfontein Priority 1-2 years
Youth Leader Couple Priority
Youth Pastor Priority
Youth Worker Priority


Church Leadership Development Initiative
Education Consultant
Medical Doctor (Indigenous Medical Missions Initiative/TEAM) - Nepal
Medical Electives at Tansen Hospital, Nepal Under 1 year
Medical Positions for Tansen Hospital, Nepal
Nurse Tutors for Tansen Nursing School, Nepal
Teachers for Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC)--Nepal 1-2 years

New Zealand

Pacific Islands Missions Mobiliser
Youth Outreach Worker--Te Ora Hou Te Tairawhiti Priority


Accountant for Sahel Academy
Administrative Assistant, Sahel Academy
Agricultural Consultant
Agricultural Development Worker 1-2 years
Area Treasurer 1-2 years
Assistant Dorm Parent
Assistant Principal, Sahel Academy
Assistant to Galmi Hospital Accountant
Assistant to Sahel Staff
Assistant Treasurer
Building and Maintenance Supervisors
Business Manager--Sahel Academy
Church Planters and Disciplers Priority
Community Development Worker for Fulani
Community Health & Development Facilitator
Computer Systems Administrator, Sahel Academy
Couples/Family Life Ministry
Curriculum Developer for Sahel Academy 1-2 years
Danja Fistula Center Nurse Anesthetist
Danja Fistula Center Nurse Educator
Director, Sahel Academy Priority
Doctor and Leprosy Programme Manager
Doctor for Centre de Sante et de Leprologie--Danja and Maradi Area Priority
Doctors/Surgeons for Galmi Hospital
Dorm Parents, Sahel Academy
Dorming Program Administrator, Sahel Academy Priority
Elementary Education Teachers, Galmi Priority
Elementary Teachers for Sahel Academy
Exegete for Tamajaq Old Testament Translation
Finance Manager for Galmi Hospital
Food Services Manager
General Helper for Galmi Under 1 year
Guidance Counselor for Sahel Academy
Home School Teacher for Missionary Children 1-2 years
Hospital Pharmacist for Galmi
Information Systems Administrators Priority
Literacy Worker
Maradi Office Manager
Master of Public Health Practicum Under 1 year
Maza Tsaye Conference Center Children and Youth Worker
Midwife or Midwifery Tutor at Galmi Hospital
Ministry Exposure Trip Under 1 year
Niamey Guest House Manager
Nurse Educator at Galmi Hospital Priority
Office Manager, Galmi Hospital
Ophthalmologist for CHLF-Danja
Outreach and Discipleship Ministry in and around Galmi Hospital
PACE Team Under 1 year
Pedagogical Advisor, Maradi Cornerstone Academy
Pharmacist for CSL-Danja
Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist
Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapist for Galmi Hospital
Professor of Islamics
Sahel Academy Secondary (High School) Teachers
Sahel Academy Teacher for K-12 with ESL Training 1-2 years
School Nurse for Sahel Academy
Secondary School Teacher Trainer
Special Education Resource Teacher, Sahel Academy
Special Needs Teacher, K-8, Education Initiative Priority
Specialty Medical Technicians, Galmi Hospital (Lab, X-ray, Biomedical) Priority
Sports Friends Leaders
Sports Friends Trainer
Teacher Educator, Education Initiative
Teacher's Aide for Sahel Academy 1-2 years
Training in Ministry Outreach (TIMO) Priority 1-2 years
Youth Ministries Leader at Sahel Academy


Teachers for Hillcrest School Priority 1-2 years
Agricultural Skills Trainer for SYRA (Skills for Youth in Rural Areas)
Assistant Chaplain Priority
Bible School Teachers Priority
Business Consultant for Muslim-Christian Relationship Building Ministry Priority
Church Planters in Unreached and Underdeveloped Part of Nigeria Priority
Community Development Trainer, ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro Priority
Community Development Worker in Unreached and Underdeveloped Part of Nigeria Priority
Computer Trainer, ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro Priority
Construction Supervisor for Bingham University
Consultant to Chief Medical Officer/Family Practice Doctor Priority
Consultant to Senior Nurse
Consultant to the Director of Administration
Dental Hygienist for Miango Under 1 year
Director of Library Services for JETS Priority
Discipleship Coordinator Priority
Elementary School Teacher - Hillcrest Priority
ESL Teacher for Widows--City Ministries ECWA/EMS
ESL Teacher, ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro Priority
General Surgeon for Egbe Hospital
Health Worker (any emphasis) for M*m-C*n Relationship-Building Ministry Priority
High School English Teacher--Hillcrest Priority
Hillcrest School Superintendent Priority
Industrial Arts teacher Priority
Lecturer in Christian Counseling and Psychology at Seminary in Nigeria Priority
Library Worker at Theological Seminary, Kagoro Priority
Lifetime Skills Teacher for Hillcrest School 1-2 years
Math Teacher at Hillcrest Priority
Media/Communications Facilitator for Indigenous Missions Priority
Medical Ministry Options for Egbe
Music Teacher, ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro Priority
Nurse Anesthetist Priority
Occupational/Physical Therapy at Evangel Hospital
Ophthalmologist for ECWA Hospital Egbe Priority
Ophthalmologist for Kano Hospital Priority
Orphans and Street Children Ministry 1-2 years
Perioperative Nurse Priority
Physician/Medical Practitioner
Seminary Lecturers Priority
Spiritual Life Coordinator--Hillcrest Priority
Sports Friends Coaches' Trainer Priority
Street Children Care Center Child Therapist and Staff Trainer Priority
Street Children Ministry Administrator Priority
Street Children Ministry Agricultural Worker and Trainer Priority
Street Children Ministry IT Trainer and Coordinator Priority 1-2 years
Street Children Ministry--Developer of Self-Sustaining Businesses Priority
Street Children Sponsorship Coordinator for City Ministries of ECWA (CME) Priority
Teachers for Kent Academy Priority
Trainer of Nigerian Teachers Priority
Training Opportunities for Ministry Priority
Youth Ministries Lecturer Priority


Dorm Parents and Other Boarding Staff for Murree Christian School
Elementary Teachers
ESL Teacher for All Grades
Field Treasurer Priority
Middle School and High School Teachers
Online Course and IT Manager 1-2 years
School Director (CEO) Priority


Children's Worker Mentor
Church Planter, Agriculturalist 1-2 years
Church Planter, Dentist
Church Planter, Horticulturalist 1-2 years
Church Planter, Nurse
Church Planter, Optometrist, Opthamologist Priority
Church Planter, Physician
Church Planter, Primary Health Care 1-2 years
Church Planter/TEFL 1-2 years
Church Planter/Veterinarian 1-2 years
Church Planting Apprenticeship
Church Planting Internship 1-2 years
Church Planting/Evangelist/Small Engine Repair Specialist
Dorm Parents
English Teachers for Christian School Priority 1-2 years
Ministry Project Coordinator (MPC)
Missions Mobilizer Priority
Music and Worship Worker for Rural Paraguay 1-2 years
Pioneer Church Planters
Rural Church Planter
Short-Term Associate Coordinator
Sports Friends Organizational Leader Priority


Administrative Assistant--Cotahausi
Administrative Member of Christian Motorcyclist Association
Anti-Child Trafficking Ministry
Bible Teacher - Southern Peru
Church Planter
Church Planting in the Peruvian Andes
Church Strengthening, Encouraging Pastors
Communications Assistant--Lima Seminary
Dental Assistant or Dental Hygienist Under 1 year
Discipleship and Mentoring
Educational Assistance--Tutoring
English Ministries
Media Ministry
Physicians for Diospi Suyana - Mission Hospital
Project Manager for Camp La Joya
Radio Ministry in the Peruvian Andes
Seminary Teacher Under 1 year
Sports Friends Organizational Leader
Sports Friends Trainer and Mentor 1-2 years
Team for MK Vacation Bible School Under 1 year
Women's Prison Ministry Friendship Evangelism
Wrangler for Camping Ministry 1-2 years


Bible Seminary Lecturer Priority
College or University Lecturer Priority
Mission Mobilizer Priority
Outreach to Chinese Migrants Priority
Teachers for Faith Academy
Treasurer/Bookkeeper Priority


Agriculturalist-Church Planter
Church Planting/Evangelism--Kaffrine Priority
Dakar Academy School Teachers Priority
Dorm Parents for Bourofaye Christian School Priority 1-2 years
Sports Friends Senegal Coaches' Trainer
Sports Friends Senegal Organizational Leader
Support and Administrative Staff at Bourofaye Christian School (BCS) Priority
Teachers for Bourofaye Christian School (BCS) Priority
Veterinary/Church Planter Priority
Youth Ministries/Library Manager-Worker Priority


Evangelist/Church Planter/Pastor for Diaspora Chinese
Evangelist/Church Planter/Pastor for Diaspora Chinese

South Africa

Bible Teacher and Leadership Training Priority
Computer Applications Teacher Priority
Homework Tutor and Children's Worker Priority 1-2 years
International Student Coordinator Cape Town Priority
Literacy Specialist Priority
Mission House Host and Hostess Priority
Psychologist or Counselor Priority
Regional Member and Medical Care Specialist Priority
Union Bible Institute Librarian Priority
Women's Ministry Priority

South Korea

ESL Teachers and Lecturers for SIMTI Seoul Priority
ESL Teachers for Koreans SIMTI Priority Under 1 year

South Sudan

Aircraft Maintenance Specialists
Base Administrator and Programs Manager
Builder and Engineer for Doro, Upper Nile, South Sudan 1-2 years
Builder and Handyman Priority 1-2 years
Children's Programme Team for Spiritual Life Conference Under 1 year
Children's Worker
Chronological Bible Teachers in South Sudan
Communication Officer
Community Health Outreach Worker Priority
Deputy Health Project Manager
Discipleship and Mentoring Priority
ESL Teacher Priority
Home School Teacher
Leprosy--Community Health Outreach Worker Priority
Literacy Trainer
Medical Doctor 1-2 years
Nurse or Midwife Priority
Nutrition Village Assistant Priority
Operations Manager for Bases in South Sudan Priority
Pastoral Care Coordinator Priority
Personnel Coordinator Priority
Physician Assistant Priority 1-2 years
Pilot and Mechanic
Registered Nurse Priority
Shorter-Term Bible Teacher at Gideon Theological College Under 1 year
SIC Secondary School, Unity Education Centre Priority
Sudan Reporter 1-2 years
Water Engineers for Safe Drinking Water in Rebuilding South Sudan: Church and Nation
Youth Worker


Team Leader and Liaison 1-2 years


Evangelism and Church Planting Priority
Tanzania Field Administrator


AERC Educational Consultant
C-SEA Area Personnel Director
Church Ministry and Outreach 1-2 years
Director of Development for AERC
Director of Operations for Cornerstone Counseling Foundation Priority
Evangelism/Church Planting in Northeast Thailand
Home School Teacher 1-2 years
IT Technician for AERC
Personnel Administrator for C-SEA Regional Services Team Priority
SIM Thailand Administrative Manager
Sports Friends Asia Ministry Development Co-Leader Priority
Sports Friends Coaches Trainer (Volleyball) Priority 1-2 years
Sports Friends Trainer and Coordinator (General) Priority
Sports Friends Trainer and Coordinator (Girls' and Women's Ministry Focus) Priority
Sports Friends Trainer and Coordinator (New Regions and Initiatives Focus) Priority
Teachers and Staff for Grace International School
Teachers for Chiang Mai International School, Thailand
Teachers for Thailand
Teachers for the School of Promise, Thailand
Treasurer for C-SEA Regional Services Team Priority


Administrative Assistant


TCK Home School Co-Op COORDINATOR and TEACHERS (Grades 5-12) Priority
Developing Community-Based Palliative Care in Tunisia Priority
NGO Leadership, Administration, and Communications in Tunisia Priority
Professionals Supporting People at Risk in Tunisia Priority
Professionals Supporting People with Disabilities in Tunisia Priority
Teachers and Teaching Assistants for TCKs in Tunisia Priority

United States of America

Relationship Development Ministry (RDM) Training Facilitator Priority
Sports Friends Communication Coordinator
Sports Friends Graphic Designer Priority
Sports Friends Partner and Fund Development Coordinator
Staff Nurse


Children's Ministries 1-2 years
Construction Manager
Cross-Cultural Ministry Training Program Under 1 year
Cross-Cultural Ministry Training Program Under 1 year
Mentor Program Manager Priority
Radio Technician/Mentor
Short-Term Work Teams Under 1 year
Theological Educator
Youth and University Ministries 1-2 years


Sports Friends Media Specialist Under 1 year
TEN3 Communication Manager
TEN3 Computer Programmer and Technical Consultant
TEN3 National Accreditation Coordinator
TEN3 Personnel Administrator
TEN3 Textbook Editor
TEN3 Training Department Head
TEN3 Writer/Editor Priority


Accountant for Mukinge Hospital
Administrator for Mukinge Hill Academy Priority
Anaesthesiologist Priority
Assistant Primary Teacher--Mukinge Hill Academy Priority
Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Under 1 year
Children's Ministry Development Coordinator Priority
Children's Ministry Worker Priority
Classroom Assistant--Mukinge Hill Academy Under 1 year
Discipleship Ministry Worker Priority
Hospital Maintenance Supervisor Priority
Laboratory Technologist--Mukinge Priority
Mechanic with Electrical Knowledge 1-2 years
Med Student Elective at Mukinge Under 1 year
Media Development Coordinator Priority Under 1 year
Medical Doctor Obstetrician
Medical Doctor Pediatrician
Midwife Student Elective- Mukinge Under 1 year
Mission Exposure Team (PACE Team) Under 1 year
Nurse Anesthetist Priority
Nurse Midwife 1-2 years
Pharmacist Priority
Registered Nurse Tutor
Theological Teachers at TCCA
Youth Centre Youth Worker Priority


HOPE for AIDS Girl Child Ministry
Pastors Bookset Coordinator


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