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United States of America

The United States is a nation of immigrants with a great diversity of ethnic origins. Her history and vast space create a spirit of individualism and independence in her people. Though its modern history begins with Christians seeking religious freedom, and despite several outstanding seasons of spiritual awakening in the past, the nation has nevertheless become highly materialistic and consumer-oriented.

Team's Vision

SIM USA seeks to fulfill the larger SIM purpose by partnering the church in the United States with the church around the world to strengthen the church and to plant the church where it does not yet exist.

Ministry Profile

Visionary planning for SIM USA includes strategies for closer partnership with churches that send and support missionaries. SIM staff members have met with mission pastors of large churches in several cities with the goal of discovering the churches' specific mission visions and exploring ways of working with those churches. SIM USA also hopes to build new partnerships with African American, Asian American, and Hispanic churches. The Culture ConneXions ministry across the USA concentrates on vision building and training churches for cross-cultural outreach.

SIM USA staff members provide a wide range of services that benefit the entire Mission in such areas as purchasing and shipping, mail services, medical care, and ministries of encouragement. The Selection and Training Department rejoices in a steady stream of gifted and committed applicants for missionary service. Each one is viewed as a direct answer to prayer.

In response to a rising tide of inquiries and invitations coming to SIM USA from Latino individuals, churches, and sending agencies seeking to be involved in mission, SIM USA partners with church movements and indigenous sending agencies throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

If you would like to be a part of what God is doing in SIM USA, please contact your nearest SIM office.



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