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PEACE for South Sudan
by Nate Kidder
6 June 2012

Over the last several decades, peace in South Sudan has been a fleeting notion. It rests upon the landscape as tantalizing to observers as a mirage in the desert. In desperation, one crawls close enough to experience it only to find that it vanishes in the wind.

It becomes vital, therefore, when we speak of peace in South Sudan, to consider first the spiritual peace that comes from the Lord Jesus. John 14:27 can be a helpful roadmap for us as we move toward this goal.

The peace spoken of here is:

  1. Indwelling. In conjunction with verse 26, we observe that this peace is left in the context of the Holy Spirit’s arrival. Being that “peace” is a fruit, or evidence, of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22), this is not surprising. This peace, promised by Jesus, is planted by the Spirit in the hearts of His followers.
  2. Eternal. Jesus refers to it as “my peace” and, in so doing, connects it to eternity. This is not a peace that depends on physical circumstances. It is not a peace that derives existence from government policy or military strength. This peace, which has dwelt in all eternity, now touches the lives of His disciples.
  3. A Gift. An explanation of the gift is given by Jesus in saying, “… my peace I give you. I do not give as the world gives.” There is no mirage associated with this peace – no vanishing act. It is the eternal and indwelling provision of the Lord for people in desperate need.

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." -Jesus
Let us pray primarily for the South Sudanese that this peace from Jesus would spread (through evangelism), take root (through discipleship), and encourage (by consideration of the heavenly reward) those who continually experience physical peace as a mirage.

Concerning the pursuit of physical and government-determined peace, we can see how God has granted South Sudan a promising start. Since separation from Sudan in July 2011, there have been several important steps. We can continue to pray for the many challenges:

  • Pray that both sides will agree upon an official border.
  • Pray that there will be agreement upon revenue sharing, particularly regarding oil production.
  • Pray that international pressure would be strongly considered and that descent into full-scale war would be continually rejected by both governments.
  • Pray that infrastructure (roads, schools, hospitals, etc) would continue to develop under the umbrella of peace.

Pray for Housing Needs: 15 for 15 in 12

Tukul wall in South Sudan
Isaiah 61:1 written on a tukul wall in South Sudan
Our missionaries in South Sudan serve in extremely temporary and rustic conditions. For weeks, months and even years at a time, their “home sweet home” is canvas tents or tukuls—huts built of mud and straw. Imagine the mandate to thrive, stay healthy, and be productive in ministry in this context! Remarkably, our team rises to the occasion with an astonishing resilience and joyful perseverance which can only come from the presence of Christ in them.

However, the time has come to lay a few new foundations.

Please pray with us as we seek the Lord's provision for 15 new houses for 15 new missionaries in the next 12 months. We are calling it the “15 for 15 in 12.” To learn more visit Homes for South Sudan.

If you would like to donate to the construction of these homes, please contact your nearest SIM office or give online to project 98300. Thank you and God bless!

9 March 2012

Dr. Rob Congdon
Dr. Rob Congdon examines a patient near Doro
  • With 50,000+ refugees from Blue Nile settling in the Doro area, SIM’s Doro medical ministry forges ahead. Pray for Rob and Nancy Congdon as they lead the team to be the healing hands of Jesus at the Doro Memorial Clinic. Pray that critical pieces of construction at the Nutrition Village and clinic can be finished before the rains of May begin to fall.
  • Continue to intercede for the people in the camps. They now have the legal status of “wards of the UN”. Pastor Abraham wrote to us: “We have lost everything.” Pray that adequate housing would be in place before the rains begin.
  • Praise the Lord for Abebe Langena’s ministry in the camps. He and his wife, Abebech Darsebo, have begun discipleship groups: 20 Uduk men in one group, 10 Mabaan men in another, 15 Uduk ladies in another. Abebe has counted 10 churches in refugee camps. Eleven languages are spoken by 23 tribes.
  • SIM hopes to re-establish the school near the students who now reside in the refugee camp. Thank the Lord for the arrival of more than 230 bags of cement from the former secondary school location inside Blue Nile. Pray that a few houses may be built for secondary school staff before the rains saturate the ground.
  • Unfortunately those who confiscated the SIM Landcruiser pickup will not give it back, so let us pray for them, that they will realize the truth and will have a heart to make things right.
  • Pray for the Sudan Interior Church’s general conference starting March 7 in Renk, Upper Nile State.
  • Two weeks ago, a young Ethiopian woman received Christ as her Savior after an SIM worker preached in an Ethiopian church in Malakal. Praise the Lord!
  • SIM staff are working hard to learn the Arabic language in language schools. Please pray that their student visas will be renewed until they complete studies.
  • Finally, bathe in prayer the potential disruptions in (North) Sudan as ethnic Southerners may be refused resident status.

30 January 2012: PRAY for the situation in Blue Nile state:

  • Hostilities continue including ground fighting
  • SIM’s unoccupied base in Yabus continues to be looted.
  • There were bomb strikes on 17 and 20 January on our base (which is unoccupied). The roof of Nate and Amy Kidder’s former home was blown off. Many of the huts were set ablaze. No word of injuries.
  • Pray for Hiakie as he tries to retrieve the textbooks, 300 bags of cement, the captured Landcruiser pickup, and other things from Yabus
  • Pray for the lives of the more than 75,000 refugees from Blue Nile state that have decamped to the vicinity of Doro. In three separate camps they sit, being fed by the UN. Pray for these people who have lost everything. Many of them are from SIM’s partner church, the Sudan Interior Church.

10 January 2012
BBC News: A brighter future still a long way off for South Sudan

30 November 2011: SIM continues to covet your prayers as we wade into this humanitarian crises. In partnership with the leadership of the Sudan Interior Church (SIC), we desire to be sensitive to God’s leading.

  • Pray that SIM’s Safe Drinking Water program in Doro can respond through our borehole drilling partners. Access to clean water is urgent in order to prevent disease outbreaks.
  • Pray for physical and spiritual protection for the young and the old.
  • Pray for permanent camp facilities to develop quickly under the leadership of the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).
  • Entreat the Lord for workers to help reopen the SIM Doro PHCC (Primary Health Care Clinic).
  • Pray that the bombing and militia attacks in Blue Nile State would cease.

Thank you for your prayers, without which we could not continue our work.

SIM's South Sudan Relief Project is now receiving donations.

22 November 2011: Tens of thousands of refugees are streaming in from Blue Nile region, and have camped at Doro. The sea of people stretches for many kilometers.

Refugees from Blue Nile State trekking into South Sudan
Conditions are very bad. Young and old are suffering, as they have walked many kilometers without adequate food or water. Some have been walking for up to a month. Nightly temperatures have dropped to 66 degrees Fahrenheit (19 Celsius), leaving blankets and clothing wet from heavy dew, presenting a risk of hypothermia. The UN has now assumed responsibility for refugees in this area and plans to set up a permanent camp in Doro.

No bombs have dropped within Upper Nile region since the 8 November incident in New Guffa. Many bombings have been reported inside Blue Nile State (i.e. Chali, Yabus airstrip, Bellatuma), and bombing in Doro remains a possibility. However, two SPLA (army of South Sudan) divisions have formed a defensive curtain along the border between South Sudan and Sudan. Many have cited the possibility of cross-border militia attacks.

The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) is now present in Doro, along with a handful of other volunteers from various NGOs. SIM's Doro Primary Health Care Unit is currently being operated by our Community Health Workers (CHWs), trained by Barb Hartwig and Vicki Beattie. Dr. Atar, a Sudanese doctor from Kurmuk, has set up his operations in Bunj clinic, with support from Samaritan’s Purse. SIM is sending an assessment team to determine the current patient load is at the clinic, and to collect accurate data on the situation in Doro.

With tens of thousands of refugees, the human landscape of Doro area has been completely altered. Our brothers and sisters from the SIC church of Blue Nile have scattered to Ethiopia and to Mabaan county. God’s people, who became a church through SIM’s efforts, are now in trouble again.

We covet your prayers as we wrestle with these questions, desiring to be sensitive to God’s leading.

  • Pray that SIM’s Safe Drinking Water program in Doro can respond through our borehole drilling partners
  • Pray for protection for the young and the old
  • Pray for permanent camp facilities to develop quickly
  • Entreat the Lord for workers to help reopen the SIM Doro PHCC (Primary Health Care Clinic)
  • Pray that the bombing and militia attacks in Blue Nile would cease

Thank you for your prayers, without which we could not continue our work.

Remaining Team Evacuates from Doro, South Sudan

12 November 2011: The remaining SIM team members from Doro, South Sudan, were successfully air evacuated to Nairobi, Kenya, over the weekend. We thank you deeply for your prayers for this team as they recover, and for our Sudanese sisters and brothers who are even now enduring more fighting and killing. Please continue to pray. Thank you.

11 November 2011: SIM's five team members from Doro are now in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, and will fly to Nairobi on Saturday, 12 November. One of our team members writes:

"Thanks for praying, please keep praying for those we left behind. The bombings continue, and they are getting closer. Refugees are flooding into Doro now - there were people camped all over the field in front of the clinic this morning, and yesterday afternoon, there was only one family. A hard time to be leaving. Many people are in great need."

Mission bases in the towns of Melut, Malakal, and Thiangrial remain secure and unaffected.

10 November 2011: Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement to SIM and its workers. They mean so much to us! The remaining five SIM workers will be evacuated from Doro on Monday, 14 November. Please continue to keep our Sudanese sisters and brothers in your prayers.

9 November 2011: Because of deteriorating security conditions, six SIM team members from Doro base have been flown out of Doro this morning at 10:55 AM on an AIM Caravan and are due to arrive in Nairobi at 5:45 PM this evening. The remaining five team members have stayed behind to close down Doro base in an orderly way until the situation calms.

The conflict in Blue Nile state is threatening to spill over into Upper Nile. Last night, 8 November, the sights and sounds of war have come very close. What caused this decision to extract this first wave of Doro team members was a serious and deliberate aerial bombing of New Guffa 30 kilometers north of Boing (Guffa is in South Sudan, Upper Nile state). Many Southern Sudanese have been wounded. There have been several indications of insecurity, but this direct attack on Upper Nile is a clear sign the conflict could be approaching the Doro area.

Please pray for Bob Ihrig, Karissa Cail, Christiane Fox, Neil Ingall, and Sheila West as they take care of procedures for closing down the base. We do not believe they are currently in harm’s way. Also lift up Nehemiah, our Southern Sudanese compound manager, who is faithfully watching over SIM facilities and staff in Doro.

Please remember our Sudanese brothers and sisters in Christ who remain in harm's way, those who have already been affected by this growing conflict, sharing in the sufferings of our Savior. Finally, please pray that cooler heads would prevail and that provocations would not lead to further conflict.

Prayer for SIC Secondary School

10 October 2011: The Sudan Interior Church (SIC) Secondary School is a Christian school, formerly known as Southern Blue Nile Academy, located at Yabus Payam, Kurmuk County-Southern Blue Nile, South Sudan. The school was established by SIM in 2008, and admits students from all SIC churches, as well as a few percentage of Muslims and non-religious people. The school raises a God-fearing community through quality education, evangelism, peace and reconciliation.

SIM hires Sudanese teachers who are God-fearing, with good educational background and willing to serve even in good and difficult situations. Above all, the school has missionary teachers who lay a sure and firm foundation of Christian character by word and action related to the Bible. They devote themselves, their time, knowledge and what they have to diligently serve the school willingly and without discrimination, but with love, care and selflessness. Presently, the school is in recess due to unrest in the state and most of the people are in a state of dilemma and insecurity. The local people of Blue Nile state are facing the worst situation of being displaced from their own homes and land.

Please pray:

  • Peace and stability may prevail in Blue Nile state for SIC SS to retain its favor for learning and smooth running of all SIM projects in the state.
  • SIC SS Campus in Yabus, South Sudan
    SIM station in Yabus, South Sudan
  • God’s directives and will for temporary relocation of SIC SS to another suitable but peaceful place (possibly in the town of Renk, Mellut, or Doro).
  • Unity among students so that they get to understand the concept of multiculture, respect to one another’s religion and tolerance.
  • God’s protection for SIM base; we need security and safety for our human and non-human resources. SIM has spent so much of God’s funds on these and they are of great spiritual, physical and mental values to the beneficiaries in Blue Nile and neighboring states.
  • Hope school and Yabus Model school and churches
  • Teachers, missionaries, support staff or compound and their families, and students and neighboring villagers.
  • Local authorities, the army, police and local traders.
  • Form 3 students, who we call our "first fruits", to finish their form 4.

Evacuation from South Sudan

2 September 2011: SIM’s three missionaries Ryan Weeks (USA) and Hiakie and Rangteigong (northeast India) were air evacuated today, Friday, 2 September, from the town of Yabus, amidst military attacks. They are expected in Nairobi around 6:30 pm and will be cared for by our team there.

Please pray for the five Sudanese teachers who could have left but chose to stay.

Ryan is manager of the G Tribe outreach and is acting Yabus Base Manager. Hiakie and Rangteigong are administrators at the Secondary School of Sudan Interior Church.

Please be in urgent prayer for Blue Nile state. This is the scenario which we feared might happen a month or so ago when the other two transitional states were invaded (South Khordufan and Abyei).

Noon on Friday, 2 Sept:
Between the two landings, Hiake and Rangtei and some friends were on the airstrip road and heard a plane’s machine gun as it shot up the runway. They had to dive into the bush. When AIM pilot Jon Hildebrant returned to Yabus, he spotted machine gun strafe marks on the runway. Still he landed and picked up Hiake and Rang. Praise the Lord for brave missionary pilots.

Morning of Friday, 2 Sept:

  • AIM plane Caravan evacuated 7 souls from Kurmuk in South Sudan
  • Just afterward, 5 bombs were dropped on eastern side of Kurmuk
  • The Caravan picked Ryan Weeks from Yabus, then landed at Doro
  • A UN helicopter landed at Doro and is in consult with team/pilots
  • Then, bombs were dropped on Yabus. All are ok.
  • If all clear, the plan is to evacuate Hiake and Rangteigong plus the 5 teachers from Yabus

Please pray the following:

  • Protect the people and church in Blue Nile state
  • Pray for secondary school students. Some young had declared before that if an invasion of BNS happened they would take up arms and fight.
  • Give pilots and AIM staff good judgment
  • Ask for heavenly soldiers around planes and airstrips
  • That our people will get out safely.

Sudan Tribune: Sudan army attacks SPLA forces and governor’s residence in Blue Nile

BBC News: Blue Nile: Sudan forces battle former SPLM rebels


"The 'buzz' in the air was contagious and not one heart was left un-stirred as friends and 'family' danced and cried for joy as the memories of their loved ones long gone—either in death or displacement to far off countries—are no longer 'in vain'... what was fought with blood, sweat, and tears, is... being reaped in South Sudan with sounds of JOY." -Christiane with SIM in Doro, South Sudan

South Sudan: World leaders welcome new nation

The long awaited independence of South Sudan is just around the corner. Celebrations are set to take place on 9 July 2011 when many expect that Southern Sudanese will assemble together in euphoria. Truly, one of Africa’s longest running civil wars has accounted for the deaths of close to two million people over more than two decades. Does the inauguration of a new country put an end to this ugly chapter?

Fighting reignited in Abyei and Nuba Mountains, two out of the three transitional areas spanning the North-South divide. What happens on July 10th, after the declaration of independence for South Sudan? What we know is this: there are tens of thousands who have lost their lives in the last three weeks of fighting in these volatile regions. We must continue to pray for peace.

Pray with us:

  • Peace during the July 9th independence day of South Sudan
  • Peace in Nuba mountains where hundreds have died and over 75,000 are displaced from recent fighting
  • Peace in Abyei and for the many who have also been displaced due to insecurity
  • Continued peace in Blue Nile state where SIM missionaries serve
  • The thwarting of evil plans by various militias operating in the border areas

24 May 2011—THE SIM BASE OF YABUS IS NOW CLOSED until further notice following a statement issued by the Northern army threatening to occupy Blue Nile state beginning June 1. This means the secondary school and other church ministries have completely stopped. The Southern army is now occupying the SIM base. Please pray for protection for the facilities. The SIM team from Yabus is now safely in Nairobi. Many Sudanese friends remain in an uncertain situation. Please pray for them!

In January 2011, the South voted to separate from the North. Independence day will occur in less than one month on July 9, 2011.

Abyei, a Disputed Region and oil producing area, remains in Northern Sudanese control after being forcefully overtaken in late May. The area is claimed by both the southern Dinka Ngok tribe and the northern Missyeira pastoralists. Please pray for the people of Abyei who have endured so much violence and just want peace. The three Disputed Regions are Abyei, South Khordufan and Blue Nile.

Please pray for food shortages and rising costs of living across the South. Trade routes between North and South have been cut off, leaving the south facing difficult weeks ahead. The South had anticipated this, but not until after the separation on July 9.

SIM works in Blue Nile and Upper Nile, both of which border Ethiopia. SIM pioneering work in the 1940s and 1950s among the Uduk tribe of the Blue Nile led to a huge people movement to Jesus.

Pray that the Gospel will continue to move throughout Sudan. Pray for the church, for north-south relations, that each respective government will be able to respect each other and treat each other with fairness so the ordinary citizens can live in peace and security.

The BBC: UN condemns Sudan’s takeover of disputed Abyei

Sudan Tribune

Yabus Unity Bridge

Three children, Sudan
PLEASE PRAY WITH US for the Lord to calm Abyei, a disputed area of Sudan which was overrun by Northern forces on 21 May. So far, the South has not responded with violence. Pray that cool leaders will be able to impose calm on both sides of the contested area.

  • Pray that trade embargoes would be lifted. Price wars and shortages are impacting people's lives in many places, both North and South.
  • Pray for the legal separation of North and South on 8 July 2011.
  • Lift up leadership in the three disputed states whose status is very much in limbo: Southern Khordufan, Abyei, and Blue Nile.
  • Intercede for all church leaders who are involved in peace and reconciliation conferences in conjunction with the Sudan Council of Churches.

Thank you for standing with the people of Sudan and the Sudanese church through your prayers!

From the BBC: The tug of war in Abyei and Sudan country profile

WEA Assures Southern Sudanese of Support for Referendum
WEA Press Release
15 October 2011 The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) has pledged action to ensure that the referendum taking place on Southern Sudan’s future next January is a success.

The WEA’s Secretary General, Dr Geoff Tunnicliffe, promised the measures in an address to Southern Sudan’s President, Vice President and other senior political leaders at the closing session of the Government-Church forum in Juba last week.

In response to calls for assistance from the Southern Sudanese President and the Sudan Council of Churches, the WEA has committed to:

  • mobilise its entire global community in praying for a free, fair and safe referendum
  • ask its National Alliances to lobby their respective governments in supporting the timeline of the referendum
  • work with our global community to send international observers to the Sudan for the referendum
  • launch a Peace for Sudan Fund, which it encourages its global community to give generously to
  • call on all governments to respect and accept the will of Southern Sudanese expressed through the referendum
  • call upon all governments to play their part in ensuring that the Khartoum government protects the human rights and religious freedom of all people.
  • support holistic development, peace-building, reconciliation and good governance through our global community of churches and NGOs.
  • advocate on behalf of the people of Southern Sudan at the highest governmental and institutional levels.

The referendum on January 9, 2011, is taking place to determine whether Southern Sudan will become independent from the North.

Dr Tunnicliffe commended the Government of Southern Sudan for the depth of its commitment to engage with the church.

He also thanked the President for demonstrating a spirit of reconciliation in offering a presidential pardon to some rebel leaders.

In his closing remarks to the forum, Dr Tunnicliffe said: “The people of Sudan have suffered for many years. Now is the time for a new future that will bring peace, wholeness, dignity, freedom of belief and freedom from extreme poverty. The people of Sudan deserve nothing less.”

The forum ended with a joint communiqué and several resolutions signed between the government and churches.

Aiah Forday-Khabenje, General Secretary of the Association of Evangelicals of Africa (AEA), was present at the forum. He called upon the international community to support the Southern Sudanese in holding a successful and peaceful referendum.

He said: “Sudan was embroiled in civil war for the best part of half a century. That war ended when the Comprehensive Peace Agreement was agreed five years ago and it is imperative that the country does not slide back into another destructive cycle of conflict and poverty. We are looking to governments to honour the commitment they made to ensure that the referendum goes ahead on time and that it does not result in further suffering for the people of Sudan.”

View this article on the WEA site: http://www.worldevangelicals.org/news

Support the Sudan Prayer Rally!

  WEA General Secretary, Geoff Tunnicliffe, calls for prayer for South Sudan.  

The World Evangelical Alliance is made up of 128 national evangelical alliances located in 7 regions and 104 associate member organizations and global networks. The WEA is the world’s largest association of evangelical Christians serving a constituency of 420 million people. The WEA is a voice to governments, media, and other faith communities and holds consultative status at the United Nations.

Contact: WEA Communications, wea@worldevangelicals.org

Prayer for the Women of Sudan

27 September 2010

by Deborah Agnes

He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young. (Isaiah 40:11)

In Sudan, as in many other countries in the world, the women and children suffer disproportionately as a result of their poverty. The statistics which reveal Sudan’s poverty are particularly tragic with regard to women and children:

  • 92% of women in Southern Sudan cannot read and write;
  • Only 27% of girls are in school and there are 1,000 primary school pupils per teacher;
  • And perhaps the two statistics that capture it all: a 15 year old girl has a higher chance of dying in childbirth than of finishing school;
  • The maternal mortality rate is the highest in the world and the child immunization rate the lowest.

Around the SIM base in Mabaan County, probably around 90% of women cannot read or write compared to around 40% of men. To learn to read is what women tell us that they most want help with. Improved literacy has been shown to lead to improved family health and we also look forward to improved spiritual health as the women are enabled to read the Mabaan NT for themselves.

Please pray:

  • For the women’s literacy classes that have started; that these women would persevere in their studies and be women who will in turn teach others.
  • That these women would develop a love for God’s Word and that it would transform their lives and the lives of their families.
  • For enough teachers for the children in schools and for teachers to teach them in their mother-tongue.
  • For this generation of children to be allowed to grow up in a country at peace.

Praying for Sudan: God's Unifying Love

21 Septmber 2010

My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one. - Jn. 17:15

Throughout the years of war and instability some Sudanese fled to other countries for refuge and freedom and peace, while others stayed behind. Many of us have learned about Sudan and come to love the Sudanese through meeting them in our respective countries. In the wake of the CPA and in view of the Referendum some of them are returning to Sudan to reconnect with their families and rebuild their life.

Though most of the southerners (along with much of the international community) are looking toward separation from the north as the way forward, we are reminded by world history that borders and peace-keepers and political agreements alone do not make for a just and lasting peace. True peace and hope for the future can only come through forgiveness and reconciliation between neighbors.


As this process unfolds we need to pray all of this into God's most capable hands. Would your join us in praying for God's unifying love to soften hearts and show the way forward, and for the church in Sudan to have the courage to lead the way?

Prayer Update: Pray for Stability

29 August 2010

Stability is something you want if you do not have it. A lack of stability is one of the main factors which lead to incredible poverty in Sudan. Our hearts are greatly moved when we see the fear, voicelessness, and loss of hope that comes with more than 20 years of civil war.

Please be in prayer for the stability of the regions where SIM ministers and indeed all of South Sudan and Darfur.

Specifically, please pray for the city of Malakal which is the capital of Upper Nile state. Please ask the Lord to calm tensions in the area which arise from two sources:

First, there are armed militias in the area which have their own agenda. Several violent incidents in the past two years have been caused by militias. Loyal to a charismatic leader, the members tend to melt away into the local population to await activation. Often their identity is secret and this breeds tremendous fear and uncertainty, even causing men to send their wives and children to live in rural areas which are considered safer.

Secondly, as we approach the January 2011 Referendum, the two partners in Sudan’s Unity government are positioning their armed forces to more strategic positions. In one area where SIM works, the two armies have shifted their forces to be near a major airport. Can you imagine the standoff as they watch each other across the tarmac of the only paved runway in the state? The constant tensions mean a disruption of the stability of the region.

Lord, we pray that Jesus, the Prince of Peace would rule in hearts and minds over Sudan. Amen.

Prayer Update: Critical Point in Sudanese History

9 July 2010

We may be about to witness the birth of a new country! In January 2011, the Southern Sudanese will vote to decide whether or not to form a new country. This election is the culmination of the six-year peace process known as the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. A huge percentage of Southerners say that a Unified Sudan is not attractive and that they will vote to secede.

As the Sudanese decide their fate, our need to strengthen the church increases. The new country faces many, many challenges. The Church of Jesus Christ is the only remnant of society that exists in every part of Sudan. It is also the only institution that can truly produce peace. As a Sudanese friend preaches: "There can be no peace without love."

Join SIM Sudan as we pray. We are figuratively pacing the top of the wall and watching the surroundings as we anticipate prayerfully the peace to come. Expectantly, we ask the Lord to continue to create a country born in peace and security. And through church work, education, medicine, and safe drinking water, SIM Sudan is seeking to Rebuild Southern Sudan: Church & Nation.

Praying for the Peace of Sudan:

8 January 2010

In addition to political upheaval and tribal violence, crop failure has been endemic in Southern Sudan this year because the rains have come at the wrong times. To make matters worse, some areas where SIM works have experienced flooding when the rains did come.

Some examples:

  • 557 homes in Mabaan County in were lost due to flooding (Sept 2009 data).
  • In Aweil state, severe malnutrition rates at twice the emergency threshold.

Truly the problems in Sudan seem insurmountable, but we claim God’s sovereignty over these things. In scripture God’s power triumphs over hunger many times. See 2 Kings 7 and Matthew 14:13ff.

Please pray that the Lord would feed and supply for the dear people of Sudan, whom he loves.

Source 1: UN Mission in Sudan Press Conference, 15 Aug 2009 by Ms. Lisa Grande

Source 2: Report on Mabaan flooding by Relief International, 23 Sept 2009, Peter Elim, WASH Coordinator

Praying for the Peace of Sudan: Ethnic Violence

4 November 2009

Please be in prayer regarding one of the major factors of concern for Sudan—ethnic violence. With the end of the civil war in 2005, old issues began to reappear. In 2009 alone there have been four major outbreaks in which hundreds of people have been killed.

"The violence is getting serious," Rev. Ramadan Chan, a pastor with the Sudan Interior Church, told Ecumenical News International in Nairobi, on 23 September. "The worst thing is that there are killings of children, women, and elderly people." Rev. Ramadan is currently head of the Sudan Council of Churches.

Ethnic violence clearly poses a threat to the Peace Agreement. Further, some fear that ethnic violence may make the South appear ungovernable to the watching world.

Through eyes of faith, we recognize with confidence that God has often changed his plan and relented based on the prayers of his people. Would you pray now and ask the Lord to put a blanket of calm over those who tend toward violence in Sudan?

For more information please visit:


Source 1: UN Mission in Sudan Press Conference, 15 Aug 2009 by Ms. Lisa Grande

Source 2: Ecumenical News International, Daily News Service, 24 September 2009, Violence escalating in south Sudan, warns national church leader, ENI-09-0761

Please Join Us in Prayer for the Continuation of Peace in Sudan

13 October 2009

SIM has a long history of work and ministry in Sudan. The country is no stranger to unrest within its borders. It has experienced decades of war, famine, and genocide within the scope of its history. But when the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was signed in December 2004, it brought stability to the region which created opportunities for SIM, and local partner churches, to serve the Sudanese people by providing basic health care, safe drinking water, education, and most recently, the Yabus Unity Bridge, all under the banner of Rebuilding Southern Sudan Church and Nation.

However, the CPA is due to expire in January 2011 and as the time draws closer, we continue to be concerned for the peace of the nation. You can read more about the history and the CPA in the article, "Will There be Peace in Sudan?"

We ask that you join us in regular, fervent prayer for the peace of this nation. We will try to be diligent in updating you with the most current news on this page. Please check back here often, follow us on twitter, or become a fan on Facebook, so that you can stay up to date.

Thank you for making a commitment today to fervently pray on behalf of our Sudanese brothers and sisters!

We trust that the Holy Spirit will lead you as you pray. Here are a few general requests to get you started—please pray:

  • that God will intervene on behalf of his people in Sudan.
  • that the church leaders, SIM workers, and other believers will have strength and wisdom in how to best care for one another as decisions are made within the government.
  • that God will display his power and his peace in the midst of turmoil.
  • for the leaders in the Khartoum national assembly to make wise decisions for all of the people that they represent.
  • for the people who are displaced and hurting.
  • for God's will to be accomplished in the lives of the Sudanese believers and in the SIM workers.



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