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Short-Term Missions Testimony: God is Able!
by Grace Wang, New Jersey USA
7 May 2007

The first part of the lyrics in the song, I Have a Calling describes how a Christian feels doubtful about God's calling. Will God call on a person who always stumbles and falls? After my short-term missions trip to Kenya, my answer is 100% positive!

I was the type of person who gives up easily. My determination for doing something would usually last for just a few days. Through this short-term mission experience, Jesus changed the way I see and do things. When I applied for an SIM short-term mission trip to Kenya, I heard the enemy tell me how unqualified I was. He also tried to use my unbelieving family to discourage me.

But Jesus did not allow me to quit because of my doubts, weaknesses, and fears. He challenged me to face my faith. I finally realized that He was the one who called me and He would complete His plan for me. I also understood my God was superior to my family and tradition. It was time to be a true follower of Jesus Christ.

During the two months in Kenya, I kept experiencing the fact that God is the one who is always in control, always faithful, always merciful, and always powerful. When my co-teacher in the orphanage/school where I served seriously injured her back, God was there. When there was a possibility that there would be no more transportation for us to work in the orphanage every day, God was there. When the consuming fire was getting closer to the school, God was still there. It was as if my faith were riding a roller coaster, rapidly going up and down. Yet Jesus never left me for a second!

I am going back to Kenya very soon and I am seeking to be a long-term missionary. I am sure I am incapable, and circumstances will seem impossible, but God is able, and that is enough.


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