Prayer Updates
Pray for those affected by HIV and AIDS
by Diane Marshall
28 November 2007
Kenyan woman in prayer
After a teaching session on HIV
and AIDS in Kitere, in western
Kenya, the women concluded
with a time of prayer
(Christy Veer photo)

Your prayers can make a difference for those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. By praying, you can extend compassion and comfort to the suffering, and strength to those serving.

Please pray for:

People living with HIV and AIDS

  • That they will know the almighty God who is full of compassion, and who gives true comfort.
  • That they will experience good health and protection from opportunistic diseases
  • That they will live wisely.

Care givers

  • That they will have compassion for those to whom they are giving care.
  • That their surrounding community will show them compassion and not rejection.
  • That they will be able to give the necessary care without being overwhelmed by this massive task

Orphans and vulnerable children

  • For those orphans who are grieving the loss of one or both parents, to know the comfort of the Holy Spirit.
  • That they will experience compassion from the extended family as well as the local community.
  • For safety, security, and protection from abuse and exploitation.

Prevention and education

  • That church leaders and parents will be good role models for the youth.
  • For Christian youth to be able to show positive peer pressure to friends.
  • That more people living with HIV and AIDS who are Christians will become bold and courageous to initiate HIV/AIDS education programmes in churches and communities.

Strategic leadership

  • For wisdom for those in leadership as they plan, develop and strengthen networks and partnerships to maximize effectiveness for God’s kingdom.

Visit www.hopeforaids.org to learn more about SIM's response to HIV and AIDS around the world.



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