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New Wells for Sapalica
2 March 2011

The Safe Water program in Sapalica township of Bolivia consists of building 30 hand-dug wells. November is the end of the dry season, the time when the water table is lowest. This means it’s the best time to dig and finish wells.

So far, 30 family groups have been casting reinforced concrete rings for high-quality hand-dug wells. The families successfully worked out a method of sharing the much-in-demand sets of ring molds and many family groups have now completed the 18 rings needed.

Next, the family groups began digging, lowering the rings in place, and finishing their wells. Other than a few minor technical details, the project is owned and run by the community with great enthusiasm.

What an absolute delight to see the tremendous pride and clearly evident joy that the new well owners have in their wells.

Unlike water which naturally runs downhill, our work with poor rural communities can feel like laboring uphill. We are constantly having to introduce new ideas, gently pushing people to become self-sufficient, and struggling to inspire and develop vision for a better life instead of accepting the status quo.

Praise the Lord that after some initial difficulty, our work in Sapalica has taken off and is running especially smoothly with the community taking the reins and moving forward!

contaminated well
Typical contaminated well without lining or cover.
Well lined with cement rings
The pastor's son was a real spark plug, motivating the
community to improve their wells for the sake of the children.
Well lined with cement rings
Pastor Feliziano's extended family work on their new well.
Sapalica Couple with their new well
A Sapalica couple and their new well. They dragged us clear
across the township in order to proudly show it off.

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