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10 April 2013

There is a place where more than 2000 spina bifida and hydrocephalus surgeries are performed every year, likely more than any other hospital in the world. There is a place where 25,000 children, a third of whom are malnourished, receive outpatient care annually. In this nation, one in 11 children do not reach their fifth birthday, but every child entering this place is received as a precious gift worth fighting for. This place is Kijabe Hospital.

Built a century ago on the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley, Kenya, Kijabe Hospital today is equipped with nine operating theaters, a modern ICU, and dental, lab and pathology units. Ministries such as Bethany Kids, AIDS Relief, CURE Orthopedic hospital, and satellite clinics in Naivasha and Marira further the medical and spiritual mission of the hospital.

Kijabe not only draws patients from a large radius, it also dispatches 15 mobile clinics out to find them, including some of the least reached people in refugee camps along the Kenyan border. This 280-bed facility delivers one of the most comprehensive healthcare services in the region.

SIM provides five medical specialists to the core medical and leadership team. Dr. Bob Carter is a family doctor who specialises in palliative care and HIV education; Dr. Steve Letchford is an internist and pediatrician; his wife, Sherri, is a physical therapist; and Dr. Erik Hansen is a pediatric surgeon. This team is completed by Kenyan and other volunteer doctors, and supplemented with visiting doctors who teach, help with complex surgical cases, and free the permanent staff to further their medical education.

Kijabe offers sought-after training programs in general surgery, family practice, nurse anesthesiology, nursing, pediatric surgery, orthopedics and pediatric neurosurgery.

Mardi Andy Steere
Andy & Mardi Steere with their children
SIM pediatric emergency physician from Australia, Dr. Mardi Steere, having served as a pediatrician at Kijabe Hospital since 2011, will step into the role of Medical Director in 2013. Her husband, Andy, has been a lecturer at Moffat Bible College. With his background in civil engineering and project management, Andy has been assisting the Hospital to develop and deliver two critical projects to replace the failed water and sanitation infrastructure at Kijabe.

Where medical science stops and miracles start will always be a mystery, but the medical missionaries at Kijabe live out a conviction that tragedy will not have the last word, and that the worst of human suffering is always eclipsed by the love of Christ, a love that surpasses knowledge and fills us up with God’s fullness! (Eph 3:18,19)

Kijabe’s yearly operating budget covers most day-to-day operations, but gifts are essential for capital developments. Kijabe Hospital is in urgent need of two substantial renovations in sanitation and water supply. Will you or others that you know be willing to partner with Kijabe Hospital?

Learn more about the Kijabe Hospital Sanitation and the Kijabe Water Supply projects. If you would like to make a donation to help improve these systems, please contact your nearest SIM office or give online to projects 90106 and 90107.

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