Prayer Updates
Asia Pacific
Compassion Ministries
18 March 2016

The Church has a mandate from Christ to reach out in compassion to people in need, to reflect God's character of justice and mercy (taking action with, and for, the oppressed) and to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom. In spite of great cultural, intellectual and economic wealth, India has a great number of people at risk. According to the World Bank, a full 2/3 of the country (800 million people) live on $2 per day or less. India has the second largest population of HIV+ people in the world, and holds about 10 million of the world's 27 million slaves. According to the government of India, the child sexual abuse rate is 53% for both genders. SIM India partners with local ministries who are addressing the physical and spiritual needs of these people.

Please pray:

  • For more medical professionals with a heart for tough places. They are an essential part of an integrated witness in remote rural communities.
  • For programs that empower the urban church to be agents of justice and messengers of hope in their communities.
  • For continued good relationships with law enforcement, government and other organizations that are addressing the issues of trafficking and slavery.
  • That the rural community development efforts would result in more spiritual fruit and the growth of the church.



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