Asian Region

Mobilizing and Mentoring for Missions
This project will help SIM Philippines-Sending to achieve its vision which is "To glorify God by partnering with local Philippine churches and like-minded organizations in sending local and overseas missionaries." more More-icon
C-SEA Disaster Relief Response Fund
The purpose and objective of the C-SEA Disaster Relief Response Fund is to provide the C-SEA Area Director capacity for immediate response to emergency disaster relief efforts within the 5-country C-SEA region. more More-icon
African Region

Malawi Disaster Relief
At the end of January, Malawi was hit with some of the worst rainfall it had ever seen leading to hundreds of deaths and tens of thousands of displaced people. SIM is on the ground, in these camps helping people rebuild after loosing everything. more More-icon
Irrespective of Barriers
Being forced to leave South Sudan made Christiane think she was leaving the Mabaan people, a group she had grown to love. That was until she found them in a place she didn't ever expect: Canada. more More-icon
American Region

Engaging the University
University is a core mission field of unreached people from across the globe and down the road, from the city and from the bush. By investing in this community we are investing in the future. more More-icon
Church Leadership Training-Chile
Each year SIM Chile helps different people to study in a seminary or bible institute so they can serve the Lord more effectively. more More-icon
Meet a SIM Worker
Featured Blogs
Reality Reality Hits
Whenever we are called to move from one field to another, we leave behind precious memories. Read how one SIM missionary is dealing with this. more More-icon
Neighbor "And Who is my Neighbor?"
Paul Hudson discusses the topic of loving your neighbors no matter who they are. more More-icon
Ricksfirstweek Rick's First Week in Liberia
Dr. Rick Sacra reflects on returning to Liberia after being healed from Ebola. more More-icon