Asian Region

Mobilizing and Mentoring for Missions
This project will help SIM Philippines-Sending to achieve its vision which is "To glorify God by partnering with local Philippine churches and like-minded organizations in sending local and overseas missionaries." more More-icon
C-SEA Disaster Relief Response Fund
The purpose and objective of the C-SEA Disaster Relief Response Fund is to provide the C-SEA Area Director capacity for immediate response to emergency disaster relief efforts within the 5-country C-SEA region. more More-icon
African Region

South Omo Unreached People
The purpose of this ministry is to begin the evangelistic outreach that will see the last remaining people groups in SW Ethiopia reached with the gospel. more More-icon
Nikki Training Centre for Girls
The Nikki Training Center for Girls has a vision to fight illiteracy by providing quality education in Bariba and basic French, to provide a Christian, Bible-based education which includes Bible teaching and social and health development. more More-icon
American Region

Church Leadership Training-Chile
Each year SIM Chile helps different people to study in a seminary or bible institute so they can serve the Lord more effectively. more More-icon
Oral Scripture Use Training
Oral Scripture Use Training addresses two of the main gospel needs among the East Apurimac Quechua people of Peru: low literacy rates, and high percentage of unreached villages. more More-icon
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