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Tim and Betsy Kubacki
Serving in Angola
From: United States of America

Who we are:

We have recently returned to the States after serving in the Brazil Amazon with Xingu Mission for the past 5+ years, taking health care and the gospel to people living in the jungles and on the rivers, away from the cities. Prior to relocating to Brazil in 2005, Tim was an Emergency Medicine Physician for 15 years and an ED Director for 13 years. He also helped begin and staff a free medical clinic in downtown Columbus for 10 years as well as serve as a county prison physician. He has made multiple short-term medical trips to Haiti.

We have been part of three Vineyard Churches over our twenty years of marriage and have served as home group leaders, mentors, board members, and men and women group leaders. We are now part of the Vineyard Church of Delaware County, our sending church.

Betsy home schools our four children and loves building relationships with her kids' friends and local women.

Our kids are Luke (17), Ellie (16), Ben (14), and Meredith (13).

What we do:

We will live in Lubango and work with CEML Hospital and Dr. Steve Foster. Our primary ministry will be to travel to four or five rural people groups of 10,000 - 100,000 and assess their health care needs and find ways to meet these needs. In all we do, we will pray for people individually and find ways to humbly share of God's love for those we serve.

We will specifically seek out the people groups who have little or no access to both health care and the good news of God's grace.

We will leave for Angola when we have secured visas, gathered a team committed to praying for us and supporting us financially for $145,000 in start-up costs and $10,000 in monthly expenses (our wage is $3,000/month). Please refer to our blog (see below) and our newsletter for a breakdown of these budgeted expenses. Please email us if you would like to receive a newsletter

Involved with:

Medical and Health Ministry
Evangelism/Church Growth




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