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Andrew & Tonya, Emma Lunau Smith
Serving in Canada
From: Canada

Who we are:

Andrew is a hearing CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) and grew up in Toronto and Thornhill, ON. Andrew has native fluency with sign language. Tonya grew up in Markham, ON. We currently live in Guelph, ON. We've been married since 1989, and we have one pretty terrific daughter, Emma.

What we do:

We are engaged in ministry with the Deaf, through SIM Canada. Around Southwestern Ontario, Andrew regularly preaches in Deaf-led churches on the schedule for Ontario Mission of the Deaf. Andrew interprets other services in hearing congregations. Our ministry also includes teaching, leading Bible studies, and networking with Deaf ministry leaders to see how we can serve and/or resource.

Andrew is a member of the board of World Mission to the Deaf and since June 2013 serves as its President.

Tonya serves in our community as a lunchtime supervisor and reading tutor at a local public school.

Previous assignments:
2008-2011, SIM Canada, School of Urban Biblical Studies
2006-2008, World Mission to the Deaf, Deaf ministry in Puerto Rico

Involved with:

Evangelism/Church Growth
Theological Education




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