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Peruvian Churches Rebuild After Earthquake
18 July 2008
Chincha church members meeting around a stack of cement blocks
Because it is costly to transport bricks to
the rural areas, the church members at
San Valentín, Chincha, made the bricks

Rebuilding continues nearly one year after the devastating earthquake that struck southern Peru in August, 2007.

Helen Heron, SIM Peru director, reports that ten IEP churches (SIM's partner church) have received funds for the Peru Earthquake Relief project to help them rebuild.

Recently, she visited four churches that are in the midst of their rebuilding projects. "Everyone was very thankful for the donations they received. They send their thanks and prayers and ask to be remembered as the need is still great," she reported. "Some churches have worked very hard, and their organization is impressive."

Two churches have completed construction with the money they received from the project. Another church has been completely reconstructed and only lacks the roof. This church is in the countryside, and the roof will be "rustic," so it will not be too expensive.

reconstruction in Pisco
New building regulations
require more reinforcing with
iron rods. This makes the
building much safer, but more
expensive to construct. A
donation to the church in
central Pisco allowed them to
lay the foundation and put up
the wall.

One old man who is helping with the reconstruction of the church in Central Pisco said he remembered helping build the first church in 1945, which was made of bamboo and mud plaster. Then he was involved in the construction of the next building—a brick one, which took them ten years to build, but was destroyed by the earthquake in two minutes. He said that he is happy to be able to see the rebuilding of the third church building!

About five IEP churches still have significant rebuilding to do. The IEP Executive Committee will be evaluating all the rebuilding during the month of July. Helen reports, "Together we will decide who should get further funding."

In July, in Northern Ireland the ‘New Horizon’ Christian Convention has chosen the SIM and LatinLink Earthquake projects for their missionary offering this year.

Although SIM is not actively seeking further funding for this project because there are great needs elsewhere in the world, we are grateful that New Horizon has selected our project. The church members in Pisco and Chincha are encouraged to hear that there will be some more donations coming.


  • that people will give generously.
  • for wisdom in allocating funding for the churches which still have needs.
  • that the pastors will be encouraged by the support from abroad.
  • for pastors to have strength to continue the task of rebuilding on top of the usual church ministries.



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