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Opening of New Myanmar Area
23 April 2012

At the end of January 2012, the Lahu Living Word team traveled to several villages so remote that foreigners have been restricted there since the 1960s.

At the Lahu Bible School in Northern Shan State, Myanmar, the team met with the leaders of about 120 churches very excited and eager to use the Burmese language Lahu Christian Correspondence Course to learn more about the Gospel. The only written Christian materials available there are a few very old Bibles and hymn books. SIM friends and donors provided a majority of the funding for printing of the Burmese language Lahu Christian Correspondence Course materials.

The team was able to deliver 1,500 sets of lessons one through five. The project has also helped support the two full-time staff who travel by old motorbike distributing the course by hand and mentoring the students.

As everyone celebrates the start of this ministry, please pray:

  • for the Lahu Living Word team
  • for the safety of the men traveling by motorbike
  • for funds to replace the worn-out motorbikes (see Motorbikes Needed)
  • for peace for the country of Myanmar
  • that God is glorified by our efforts!

To learn more about this ministry of discipleship, visit Lahu Living Word.

Mentor on motorbike
The motorcycle is a basic necessity for this ministry. Staff travel
3000 to 4000 km per month on remote roads to mentor students.



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