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Look, Mommy, the sun is shining!
17 April 2012

One morning our son called me excitedly after getting up: "Mommy, come here!" Not knowing what was causing his excitement, I walked over to the lounge room and there he was, standing with his arm outstretched and pointing. "Look, Mommy, the sun is shining!"

Our son is four years old and he has, of course, seen the sun, but unfortunately not very often in the city where we live. The sky is mostly grey. Sometimes it's overcast, but probably more often it is so polluted that the sun has real trouble getting through. These are the joys of growing up as a Third Culture Kid (TCK) in a big Chinese city. We are thankful that he can be so delighted in the simple blessings of life!

Grey skyline
Typical grey day in our city ... can you see the sun?

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