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"I saw no race divide"
30 April 2012

Our SIM team in South Sudan recently held their annual Spiritual Life Conference at a beautiful retreat center in Kenya. This yearly event draws together a very diverse team from many ministries to one place for spiritual renewal, rest, and refreshment.

As SIM team member Christiane Fox was finalizing the bill with the manager, the manager said, “I noticed two things about your group; may I tell you what they were? Firstly I noticed that your team is very diverse—you have people from many different backgrounds [meaning ethnic backgrounds]. Secondly, I saw no race divide.”

Struck with the obvious conclusion that this was an anomaly, Christiane asked, “Is that unusual?” The manager then explained just how unusual it truly was: “During tea time I would see black people mixing with white people, and playing sports together, and having conversations. You were all on the same level. And, yes, that is VERY unusual. I often pointed it out to our staff, and found myself being jealous in my heart of this dynamic that you have, thinking, What if it was like that with us or everyone?

Worship during SLC 2011
Ethiopian missionary taking communion
Christiane writes,
“While this conversation was such a blessing to me, to think that the Unity we have through Christ is truly visible to those watching us. It breaks my heart that this is not common, even among… Christian organizations. While I know that SIM Sudan is not a ‘perfect’ example of Unity and we certainly have a long ways to go, I do praise the Lord that His Presence among us is evident, and I pray that we will continue to exemplify Him, glorify Him, and be continually unified through Him. We have a special team—let me re-phrase that— we have a special FAMILY, and I for one am utterly blessed and humbled to be a part of you all.”

For more about this thriving multi-national, multi-cultural SIM team, visit Spiritual Life Training for Sudan Team. Our heartfelt thanks to SIM friends who make this annual retreat time possible!

Worship during SLC 2011
Worship during Spiritual Life Conference



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