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Arise Africa, This Is Your Dawn: Africa Bible Commentary Debuts at Launch Event in Kenya
7 July 2006
Editor Tukumboh Adeyemo
ABC General Editor Dr. Tokunboh Adeyemo
addresses the crowd.

Around 300 people attended the launch of the Africa Bible Commentary on July 5, 2006 at the Grand Regency Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. Former President of the Republic of Kenya, Hon Daniel arap Moi gave the keynote address. Also present were the book's General Editor, Dr. Tokunboh Adeyemo, some of the 70 African theologians who contributed to the commentary, the entire editorial committee and project team, government leaders, and SIM International Director Malcolm McGregor.

During the ceremony, SIM was acknowledged for its efforts to strengthen the African church. McGregor told the audience: "As an organization, SIM has a long history in Africa. We have been committed through the years to the cause of discipleship and theological education.

"My prayer is that God will use this tremendous work to prosper His Kingdom on this continent and around the world."

"SIM stands for Serving In Mission and that is what we have sought to do in the Africa Bible Commentary Project—to serve the wider body of Christ in this continent by being part of this huge undertaking.

"This publication is not only for Africa, it is also for others to read what this new voice of Christianity has to say at this unique time in world history—a time when belief is at the center of even political dialogues.

"My prayer is that God will use this tremendous work to prosper His Kingdom on this continent and around the world. SIM feels privileged to have played a part in helping to bring into being this groundbreaking publication."

Malcolm McGregor
SIM International Director Malcolm
McGregor addresses the crowd.

McGregor closed his remarks by repeating the powerful words which were sung earlier in the ceremony: "Arise Africa, this is your dawn, your light has come."

This special launch event was organized by WordAlive, the African publishers of the Africa Bible Commentary. It coincides with the beginning of SIM-sponsored Pastors' Book Set Conferences in Kenya, Zambia, and Ethiopia, where thousands of copies of the commentary will be distributed to African pastors and church leaders.

The $1.2 million literature project needs just $35,000 to completely fund the English and French language versions. The French edition is slated for release in 2007, with Amharic, Portuguese, and other languages to follow.



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