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In search of Jesus in a South Sudan refugee camp

25 March 2016 — Gospel doors open for the Ingessana in South Sudan as many are considering the good news of Christ amid political turmoil.

Trauma is a mission field

7 January 2016 — Helping people with deep emotional and psychological wounds

Masara and her ill son

1 June 2015 — How Masara's son was restored to health and how she and her brother first her about Jesus.

South Sudan's Traditional Birth Attendants

30 January 2015 — Traditional Birth Attendants like Alban Fadala play a major role in the assistance of deliveries in South Sudan.

GTC: A ministry to the whole family

8 May 2014 — Gideon Theological College (GTC) is unique among Sudanese Bible colleges in offering education to wives, not just husbands.

Does Jesus care?

24 March 2014 — Surrounded by armed conflict, Dr. Rob Congdon speaks of tragedy and hope in South Sudan.

The untold story of South Sudan's tribal unity

14 January 2014 — As another violent conflict in South Sudan rekindls deep divisions across tribes yet God in His wisdom had a group of thirteen women

Challenging the spiritual realm

13 December 2013 — Little Jimma was admitted for treatment of severe malnutrition. He would cry for hours on end, refuse to take his meds, and eat very little. The staff and the mother were frustrated but nothing seemed to calm this little boy.

The miracle of baby Claire

5 October 2013 — The miraculous birth of baby Claire in Melut, South Sudan, and the story of her parents, Yoel and Miriam.

Ministry among women in the South Sudanese bush

4 October 2013 — There is no "how to" book on starting a women's ministry in a Mabaan village in South Sudan. But SIM's Christiane Fox is determined to discover how these women can have a vibrant, personal relationship with God.

Cathy Hoelzer receives INMED award

9 July 2013 — Congratulations to Cathy Hoelzer, the SIM Health Program Director in Doro, South Sudan, who received the prestigious INMED International Medicine Award.

Rev. Philip Eisa is with the Lord

24 June 2013 — A godly leader and dear friend to many, the principal of Gideon Theological College in Melut, South Sudan, is now in the presence of Jesus.

Dedication of the Shilluk Bible

2 May 2013 — “We are here to dedicate ourselves to God, not His Word to us.” These were the opening words of the message preached to us by Pastor Peter on the dedication of the newly printed Shilluk Bible.

Attacked by swarming bees

3 April 2013 — When SIM missionaries realized a 4-year-old was being attacked by agitated bees, they ran for cover, but the hive took out its anger elsewhere...

A refugee family finds a stronghold in the Lord

6 November 2012 — How God spoke to a South Sudanese man and saved his whole family.

Sowing in Faith

2 October 2012 — The farmer sows in faith, trusting that time will produce a harvest. This couldn’t be more true of the ministries of some of our missionaries from the majority world.

Toothaches, Parasites and Crowded Villages

10 September 2012 — The frailty of the physical human body is shared among all those who live. We wither. We fall. But one thing endures forever: the Word of teh Lord.

Nutrition Village Saves Lives

13 June 2012 — For days I thought Nyajima would die. Her mother was emotionally spent, without hope. She held and bathed the child but showed little interest in giving the special milk formula...

Secondary School Relocation to Doro

12 June 2012 — Bombs began to rain down on Yabus and other towns and villages, displacing most of the students to the Doro area in the Upper Nile State of South Sudan. This necessitated the relocation of the school. Hiekie and Rangtei tell of the relocation process...

"I saw no race divide"

30 April 2012 — The manager of a retreat center where SIM's South Sudan team met comments on the team's unusual capacity to live out authentic diversity.

The Serpent Will Be Defeated

30 March 2012 — Hiakie Hegui and Bob Talbott demonstrate how to deal with a snake in South Sudan, while also proclaiming the promise that God will deal with Satan decisively in the end.

Raking it in!

20 March 2012 — The Workshed in South Sudan successfully completed production of 3,000 metal rakes.

One Sick Pastor, One Great God

1 March 2012 — As tens of thousands of refugees from Blue Nile region poured into the town of Doro where SIM has a base and clinic, one ill pastor and his family pray for help.

Updates on the Secondary School

10 February 2012 — Updates on the Secondary School of Sudan Interior Church (SIC), formerly located in Yabus but due to war, relocated to Doro.

The Dilemmas of Evacuating

17 November 2011 — This first-hand account about the dilemmas and struggles inherent for mission personnel facing evacuation from dangerous or volatile situations.

Image Bearers of the Divine Participate in Transformation

9 November 2011 — I also knew and trusted the source: my deep passion for engaging with the struggles of Africa. On this particular day I wasn’t in Africa — I was stateside with a large gathering of Sudanese immigrants celebrating the world's newest country, South Sudan.

Rebuilding South Sudan: Church and Nation

23 October 2011 — Rebuilding Southern Sudan: Church and Nation is a comprehensive program to provide education, medicine, water, and agricultural assistance to a nation that has been devastated by civil war.

Faith and Medicine in Doro

2 September 2011 — I am amazed by the power of prayer and the resilience of the Mabaan people of South Sudan, many with medical conditions that we are not well equipped to treat—but they pull through, to the glory of God.

Independence Day: South Sudan

10 July 2011 — The long awaited independence of South Sudan has arrived. Euphoric celebrations took place across the world's newest nation on 9 July 2011. Read more...

Baptisms in the Yabus River

12 May 2011 — Sunday we held a mass baptism in the Yabus river with 91 people! Most were from the G-Tribe! Following the baptisms we enjoyed communion and then saw elders and deacons commissioned. Church leaders from all over participated in this big event.

The Gift of Water

14 February 2011 — Four villages now celebrate the gift of clean and convenient water as a result of the boreholes recently completed...

Yacob Aga Dies in Sudan, Church Ignited in Ethiopia

24 January 2011 — Yacob Aga Ollie died of cerebral malaria on October 25, 2010. He was Ethiopia’s first foreign missionary to die on foreign soil.

Sudan Referendum Vote Draws Near

5 January 2011 — How will Sudan vote on January 9? Pray for peace.

Memorial Health Care Center Invests in People

14 June 2010 — Rebuilding Southern Sudan: Church and Nation is being done in different ways—but always with the goal of investing in people.

Sudan Pastors and Wives Conference

7 May 2010 — God did a marvelous work in the hearts of Sudanese pastors and their wives at a recent conference in South Sudan!

Attack on SIM Mission Base in Atar, Sudan

26 January 2010 — On 31 December 2009, the SIM mission base at Atar, South Sudan was attacked by Shilluk tribesmen. Eyewitnesses tell their stories.

Cessna 206 is Ready for Flight in Sudan

14 October 2009 — Two years ago we introduced a SIM Sudan project to purchase a small plane we could use to ferry missionaries and supplies to our bases in South Sudan.

Yabus Unity Bridge is Complete!

17 August 2009 — The yearly flood in Yabus used to leave people without access to food, medical care, or education. But all of that has changed now for the more than 60,000 people living in the region.

"Give us Money to Build a Church!"

27 July 2009 — Sudanese church leaders came to our missionaries at Abwong base and asked for money so that they could build a church.

Hope for the Hopeless

5 May 2009 — A slim, apprehensive Mabaan woman sat quietly next to me on the rough clinic bench as we prepared medicine for her three young children. It was early afternoon and the sun was hot in the sky.

Ski Boots for Sudan!?

9 April 2009 — How one woman and her church made a difference in South Sudan.

Video: Teachers Needed in Sudan

11 March 2009 — Watch this video to learn more about the urgent need for teachers at Basic Education Learning Centers in southern Sudan.

Sudan Secondary School Begins Classes

7 November 2008 — The Secondary School of the Sudan Interior church opened on September 29th with an enrollment of about 40 students.

Secondary School of the Sudan Interior Church Set to Open its Doors in September

20 August 2008 — The only secondary school in an area of over 1 million people, the Secondary School of the SIC will begin classes on September 22.

"God-Pods" Baptized in the Nile

17 June 2008 — When the goods were being unloaded from the dugout canoe, the box of MegaVoice players inadvertently got dropped into the shallow waters along the banks of the White Nile.

Sudanese Witchdoctor Converted

14 May 2008 — Demon-possessed since his youth, Deng’s ability to foresee events & wield power in the community had earned him respect, notoriety & wealth. He even owns a vehicle, whereas a simple bicycle is considered an outstanding possession.

Teacher Training to Begin Soon in Sudan

29 April 2008 — There are 170 Sudanese adults about to complete their last year of the Accelerated Learning Program.

South Sudan Health Team Providing Compassionate Care

7 March 2008 — The SIM Health team is working to meet the urgent need for compassionate Christ-centered health care among the Mabaan—a people who have lived a lifetime without help or hope.

Medical Ministries Underway in Doro, South Sudan

28 February 2008 — Many aspects of the health ministries at Doro, Southern Sudan are well under way as the Mabaan people return to their homeland this month.

SIM Sudan's New Cessna Arrives in Nairobi

22 February 2008 — The Cessna 206G for SIM Sudan has arrived by boat to Nairobi. It will be assebled and serve the SIM Sudan team.

Southern Sudan Safe Drinking Water Pilot Project Launched in Thiangrial

2 January 2008 — How do you help people value clean water when they have been drinking out of the Nile River for millennia? Barb Hartwig found one solution when she brought her microscope!

Sudan Team Gets Wings

16 November 2007 — SIM Sudan is one step closer to having more reliable air transportation in and out of Southern Sudan.

SIM Sudan and the Darfur Crisis

17 August 2007 — SIM Sudan director Jo-Ann Brant explains SIM's response to the crisis in Darfur.

Spiritual Springtime in Southern Sudan

16 July 2007 — The Buldit church has been dormant since the Northern soldiers raided the village, burning the church and any Christian-looking literature they found. But today it is springing back to life.

Pastors' Book Set Project Provides Libraries for Sudanese Pastors

13 April 2007 — In October 2006, the Pastors' Book Set (PBS) project expanded its impact into Southern Sudan. Despite difficulties, God used the conferences in tremendous ways.

Building on a Legacy in Southern Sudan

28 March 2007 — Seventy years ago, when our missionaries were driven out of Ethiopia following the Italian invasion and occupation...

Khwadja's Story: Blog Update From Southern Sudan

8 March 2007 — Chris Crowder is the project manager for the Southern Blue Nile Academy project, part of the Rebuilding Southern Sudan Church and Nation program. This entry from his blog gives a glimpse into life at the old SIM Yabus compound:

Rebuilding South Sudan: Better Together

1 March 2007 — Decades of war left South Sudan with unimaginable needs that threaten to defeat all attempts at solutions. Nevertheless, a coalition of partners has boldly begun the process of rebuilding the church and nation.

Preserving Culture—Plus!

5 January 2007 — While we cannot deny that Christians have at times unwisely interacted with culture, evangelical missionaries have been in the fore of preserving culture...


2 October 2006 — Some common questions asked about the Rebuilding Southern Sudan Basic Education Learning Centers Project

Returning to the Home Church

12 July 2006 — After over 19 years as refugees from the war, Sudanese believers have recently returned to their homeland.

Ethiopian and Nigerian Church Leaders Working in Sudan

3 March 2006 — God is providing Ethiopians and Nigerians to train Sudanese teachers.

Out of the Ashes

1 March 2006 — He dabs at a tear and clears the roughness from his throat. They were his personal friends—some of those thousands who were shot or starved or raped.

Memoirs of Sudan's Late Vice President, John Garang

24 August 2005 — The first time I met John Garang was at the Presbyterian mission printing press in southern Sudan. He was pedaling a stationary bicycle that "powered" a small press which turned out gospel pamphlets, Bible studies, and teaching materials...

Sudan Peace Agreement Signed

4 March 2005 — On 9 January 2005, Sudan signed a historic comprehensive Sudan peace accord designed to end virtually fifty years of bloodshed between the people of the north and the people of the south.

Celebrating South Sudan's Independence

On July 9, 2012 the people of South Sudan observed the first anniversary of their own Independence Day. Read reflections on independence from SIM's Nate Kidder...


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