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Updates on Ebola Outbreak in Liberia
19 August 2014


Last week there were about 50 patients in the ELWA 2 Ebola Management Center. Praise God that 19 patients were cured and released within a 2-day period! The unit will soon run short of Personal Protection Equipment as well as medicines that help patients to build their own immune systems and thereby fight the virus. We have offers of help, but the logistics and transport issues are serious. Please pray that transport can be organized for the much-needed equipment to arrive on time.


We praise God that Dr. Rick Sacra is making progress in his recovery from Ebola. His wife Debbie says, "We appreciate all the attention and concern for Rick, but he wants you to share his burden for the people of Liberia and West Africa, to carry [the burden] along with him. We appreciate that many have given to SIM and many other organizations to make sure that health workers have protective equipment. But the fight against this crisis is going to take more time and more resources."


SIM announced today that missionary doctor Rick Sacra, recently infected with the Ebola virus while serving in Liberia, is being flown to The Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Neb., for treatment.


SIM USA reported today that one of its missionary doctors in Liberia has tested positive for the Ebola virus.The American doctor was treating obstetrics patients at SIM's ELWA hospital in Monrovia. Upon onset of the symptoms, the doctor immediately isolated himself and has since been transferred to the ELWA Ebola isolation unit. The doctor is doing well and is in good spirits.

21 AUG 2014

We give praise to God that Nancy Writebol, SIM missionary stricken with Ebola Virus Disease who underwent treatment in an isolation unit at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, has tested clear of the virus and was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday, Aug. 19. She and her husband, David, have gone to an undisclosed location to rest and spend time with one another. We also praise God that Dr. Kent Brantly was discharged today.

13 AUG 2014

Letter from Liberian Church Leader on Ebola Crisis

7 AUG 2014
Interview with David Writebol: SIM USA president, Bruce Johnson, speaks with David Writebol, husband of Nancy Writebol who was infected with the Ebola virus while serving at the ELWA Hospital isolation unit in Monrovia, Liberia.p>

Press Release:

Immediate Action Needed to Address Ebola Crisis in Liberia

Read: Dr. Glover's Testimony to a US Congressional Committee Today

6 AUG 2014
The New York Times: Fighting Ebola for Us All

5 AUG 2014
We thank our friends for your willingness to give towards the ongoing costs of the Isolation Unit at ELWA Hospital. This remains the only Ebola isolation facility in the country. We continue to provide staff and care for this 17-bed facility. If you would like to give, please contact your nearest SIM office or give online to project 95212. Thank you and God bless.

4 AUG 2014

PRAYER UPDATE: Nancy Writebol is expected back in the US on Tuesday, August 5. The plane, which brought Dr. Brantly on Aug. 2, is equipped with a unique containment unit and will fly into Dobbins Air Force Base near Atlanta. Nancy will then be transported to Emory University Hospital and placed in a special isolation unit set up in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP). David Writebol will travel back to the U.S. separately in a few days. He will be reunited with his wife, where they can visit through a window in the isolation unit.

SIM missionaries evacuated from Liberia returned to the U.S. on Sunday. The group of two adults and six children will be housed temporarily at SIM's campus in Charlotte. SIM is following strict personal and public health safety protocols established by the CDCP and the World Health Organization regarding its personnel.

Please continue to pray for our ELWA and SIM staff who remain in Liberia and for another SIM medical doctor returning to Liberia to strengthen our medical capacity there. Pray for their strength, protection and rest.

1 AUG 2014
PRAYER UPDATE: Continue to pray for the recovery of Kent and Nancy, and for the encouragement of their families during this very difficult time.

Pray for all those who are involved in decision making regarding the relocation of our non-essential personnel out of Liberia and the evacuation of an Ebola patient, that the Lord will give great wisdom. Many logistics and resources must come together in a timely way. Decisions are being evaluated hour-by-hour.

Pray continuing protection for those on site who are in isolation or who are serving those who are sick. Pray for renewed energy and deep strength for all.

28 JULY 2014
MONROVIA, LIBERIA: Late Saturday evening sobering news came from the ELWA medical team fighting the Ebola outbreak in Liberia. Two members of the team tested positive for Ebola.

Dr. Kent Brantly, Medical Director for the joint SIM/Samaritan's Purse Ebola Consolidated Case Management Center in Monrovia, Liberia, has tested positive for the Ebola virus. He is currently undergoing treatment in the isolation center at ELWA Hospital. Dr. Brantly is married with two children.

Nancy Writebol serves with SIM in Liberia and was part of the joint SIM/Samaritan's Purse team treating Ebola patients at the Case Management Center in Monrovia. She tested positive for the Ebola virus and is also undergoing treatment at the isolation center at ELWA. Mrs. Writebol is married with two children.

We request that the privacy of the families be respected during this difficult time. Please keep them in your prayers.

SIM founded ELWA Hospital in 1965 and has continued to provide support and medical staff for 50 years. SIM has partnered with Samaritan's Purse to combat Ebola since the current outbreak began in Liberia in March.

We are committed to doing everything possible to bring about the recovery of Dr. Brantly and Mrs. Writebol . We invite your prayers for them and their families.

Medical work continues at our Ebola Case Management Centers in cooperation with the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, the Liberia Ministry of Health, and other global health authorities.

Other Ways to Pray:

  • for peace of mind and strength of spirit for the two colleagues currently diagnosed. Pray that their treatment will be effective in arresting the disease.
  • for comfort for their families
  • for protection for all other staff continuing to treat those suffering from Ebola.
  • for healing for the patients who have been admitted.
  • for rest and stamina for the medical team.
  • that people of Liberia and other West African nations will take proper precautions to prevent its spread.



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